cycling by the river in Calgary

It was time to spend a day cycling in Calgary, a cyclist paradise whether for slow leisure or serious. One of the most friendly cities I have experienced to be honest. I found the people to be so welcoming.

Before travelling here my only recollection of Calgary was watching Eddie The Eagle flying through the air. I had been down that ski jump in a different way the day before. Now or some ground level fun.

Calgary offers a diverse and extensive network of cycling pathways, making it a cyclist’s paradise. With over 900 kilometers (560 miles) of designated cycling routes, enthusiasts can explore the city and its beautiful surroundings on two wheels.

skyscrapers and autumn tree

These pathways provide a safe and convenient way to navigate through Calgary, connecting various neighborhoods, parks, and attractions. Whether you’re a leisurely cyclist or a dedicated commuter, Calgary’s cycling routes offer something for everyone, promoting active transportation and a healthier lifestyle.

BaldHiker Retreats

One thing I learnt was that every single district of Calgary is connected by cycle trails. Plus, whenever a new building is constructed it must be connected to the cycle system. Great for commuters and all.

the River Bow from the bridge

Cycling Routes In Calgary

With all those many miles of cycle route you can imagine you can go in so many directions and get many differing experiences and views.

Popular Cycling Routes in Calgary:

  1. Bow River Pathway: This scenic route runs along the Bow River, offering breathtaking views of the river and downtown Calgary. It passes through popular spots like Prince’s Island Park, Eau Claire Market, and the Calgary Zoo.

  2. Glenmore Reservoir Loop: The Glenmore Reservoir Loop is a favorite among cyclists for its picturesque views of the reservoir and the Rocky Mountains. It also passes by the Heritage Park Historical Village and the Weaselhead Natural Area.

  3. Nose Hill Park: This expansive park offers a variety of cycling routes, with trails suitable for both beginners and experienced riders. Enjoy panoramic views of the city skyline and the surrounding prairies while exploring this natural gem.

  4. Fish Creek Provincial Park: With over 80 kilometers of trails, Fish Creek Provincial Park is a cyclist’s paradise. Discover lush greenery, peaceful waterways, and abundant wildlife as you ride through this urban oasis.

  5. Elbow River Pathway: The Elbow River Pathway is known for its tranquil atmosphere and scenic beauty. Follow the pathway as it winds through the city, passing by Stanley Park, Riverdale Park, and the iconic Elbow River.

  6. Rotary/Mattamy Greenway: This extensive pathway system encircles the entire city of Calgary, covering over 138 kilometers. Explore various parks, neighborhoods, and landmarks along the way, including Bowness Park, Nose Creek Park, and Elliston Park.

autumn reflection calgary

Cycling-Friendly Amenities in Calgary

Calgary offers a range of cycling-friendly amenities for residents and visitors. Here are some key features:

Bike Rentals and Sharing Programs:

  • Bike rentals are available through various companies in Calgary, such as Urban Pedal Tours, Lime, and LimeBike.
  • Bike sharing programs like Lime and LimeBike provide convenient short-term rental options for exploring the city on two wheels.

Bike-Friendly Public Transportation:

  • Calgary Transit buses have bike racks installed, allowing cyclists to combine biking with public transportation.
  • CTrain stations and some bus stops offer bike storage facilities, making it easier to integrate cycling into your commute.

Bike Parking Facilities:

  • Calgary has numerous bike parking facilities situated across the city, including bike racks, lockers, and secure bike parking spaces.
  • Popular destinations like shopping centers, parks, and transit stations have designated bike parking areas to ensure secure storage.
River Bow and cyclepath

Bike Amenities:

  • The city has installed bike repair stations equipped with tools and air pumps at various locations, providing cyclists with the means to fix minor bike issues on the go.
  • Some public spaces and parks have water fountains and public washrooms, making it more convenient for cyclists during their rides.

These cycling-friendly amenities in Calgary contribute to a more bicycle-friendly environment, promoting active transportation and making it easier to explore the city by bike.

My Cycle Along The River

Today we set off from the skyscrapers and took in 20km along the Bow River. We had glorious Autumn blue skies, with autumn colour in abundance in the nature all around us.

Paul Steele cycling in Calgary

Far removed from a typical big city centre the pathways here in Calgary lead the way. The roads are non applicable. It was actually hard to keep pedalling without wanting to stop to look at the view around too often.

cycling under the trees

So many people were enjoying the tracks. Cyclists, walkers, parents jogging with buggies, roller bladers. The space is so good there is room for all without seeming too busy whatsoever. Nobody getting in each others way.


The couple of days spent in Alberta had been incredible. From being in helicopters above the Rockies to a glorious cycle from this glorious city.

sunset Calgary

If you are ever in Calgary then I highly recommend jumping on a bike and exploring the miles on 2 wheels.

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  1. hikaari72 says:

    The scene is reflected in the river.
    It is very beautiful.

  2. Wow.. I have had the pleasure to visit Calgary in the Summer and Winter. After seeing your pictures, I can’t wait to go back to see the beautiful colors of Autumn

  3. Brian Wolf, Exvana Community Manager says:

    Great piece. Getting out cycling this time of year can be so refreshing. Thanks.

    1. Paul Steele says:

      Hi Brian, totally in agreement, so refreshing. thank you

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