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When travelling through Canada, away from Calgary and out to the Rocky Mountains, I took the chance to have a truly unique experience, Heli-Yoga.

Not just any normal helicopter ride nor just any normal place. Yes Heli-Yoga, going up into the mountain tops, by helicopter, yoga session, in nature like no other.

boarding the helicopters

What Is Heli-Yoga?

Yes, that is the first question I had too. Heli-Yoga is taking a helicopter ride, up and over the gorgeous Rocky Mountains, then landing up on a mountain top for a long Hatha Yoga Session, with the most incredible backdrop, then the helicopter ride back down.

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Sounds amazing yes? Well it is.

The Helicopter Up

Our choppers and pilots were ready and briefings got underway all thanks to Kananaskis Heli Tours.

The excitement amongst the group was plain to see, this was going to be fun of the highest order. Truly one of those experiences that do not come around too often. All boarded, headsets on. Up up and away.

paul steele in a helicopter

Literally within a couple of minutes of leaving the ground it was time for some inspiring views. You are not just at the Rockies, nor just in them, but you are getting a birds eye view.

Just looking around there was way too much to see. Snow capped mountains, glaciers, great turquoise lakes and the wildlife. Absolutely superb. It makes you quite speechless to be honest.

canada landscape from the helicopter

The chance to experience these views are few and far between to say the least. The combination of the thrill of the helicopter ride with the thrill of the immense landscape, I was in my element.

Climbing higher and higher, the views getting bigger and bigger.

rockies of canada from above

The Yoga Session

It was always going to be too soon to be landing as you take it all in, but, this was no ordinary landing spot.

On a mountain top up high, a clearing that opens up to magnificent panoramas, our spot for a couple of hours yoga.

landing on the mountain

Martha, our wonderful Yoga instructor got us all together to take it all in. First things first. Phones off, just the still mountain air, relaxation and calm.

All you could hear was birds calling through the breeze. The mountains spread across in front of you in every direction, the trees circling on the mountainside below helped stage a magical and natural scene.

view from the mountain yoga session

This was so far removed from a gym hall or other outdoor yoga venues.

Yoga mats out, deep breath, it was time to begin.

As we got underway with breathing exercises and then stretches my body started telling me I do not do yoga enough. But, I can say one thing, that this place must be one of the best places to do it.

yoga group session on a mountain in the rockies
yoga pose on heli-yoga

The adventures on this Canada trip already had tightened my body up no end. The zipline had battered me more than I thought. Together with the jetlag I found the whole time up here, relaxing in nature, to be a perfect tonic.

last view of the mountains from the yoga

Martha was an absolute treasure of a person to meet. Experience is beyond question.


Whilst waiting for our helicopters back down I was chatting with Martha about other experiences on offer here.

Heli-Hiking really caught my imagination. Imagine taking a helicopter up to a high mountain pass, for a hike that would normally be unobtainable. Too high to climb or too dangerous to do normally.

I have put that on a future list that is for sure.

Flying Down

taking off from the top in helicopter

At the end of the yoga session I was completely refreshed, although sad to say it was time to fly back down.

The helicopters picked us up, the noise of reality crept back in with a buzz. Of course this was another chance to see those views from above.

canadian rockies valley view from above
flying out of the rockies and the view below


Well, this was a day that I simply shall not forget. I never knew Heli-Yoga existed but I am glad I do now. Such a unique experience and is obtainable so close to Calgary that is worth the effort to get out to do.

If you ever get the opportunity, grab it with both hands, relax, enjoy and create memories.

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  1. Mary @AsturianDiary says:

    Blimey, heli-yoga’s a new one on me. Looks pretty awesome though, it has to be said. And less chance of breaking a limb than heli-skiing, for sure. Spraining something, maybe… 😉

    1. Paul Steele says:

      😀 is awesome.. more relaxing than dangerous for sure

  2. K @ Nonbillable Hours says:

    Amazing! Yoga atop a mountain sounds fantastic; hope to do that someday!

    1. Paul Steele says:

      it is a great memory I must admit 🙂

  3. Emma James says:

    Delighted to see you had such an awe inspiring time Paul. Yoga is marvellous anywhere but nothing beats being outdoors. You’ve just taken it to a whole different level. I’m envious!

  4. how fabulous, thank you so much for sharing this jaw dropping experience with us

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