A Brock Bottom Dog Walk And Paddle

A hot sunny day called for a beautiful walk in the sunshine with lots of water for Malc to drink and wade in. Brock Bottom provided the perfect destination. A beautiful little gem of a walk plus a few miles of river filled adventure for both me and the dog to enjoy.

I took a photo from above and you can see the line of trees coming down that hide a real beauty spot, Brock Bottom (often misnamed as Brock Bottoms) that is mainly known to locals in this part of Lancashire. If you look at the centre back of the picture you see another great spot nearby for dog walks and families, Beacon Fell.

DJI_0291 A Brock Bottom Dog Walk And Paddle

Well, situated west of Beacon Fell and east of Garstang you can look for Brock Bottom Picnic Site and Nature Trail on a map. The directions will take you straight to a free car park on a small road in the valley. From here you are walking straight onto the trail, heading downstream.

Brock Bottom is for more than walking or dog walks. Many families come here for the paddling opportunities with children. The brock, Winnsnape Brock was especially dry too without much rain lately so was perfect for the dogs and children to paddle all they please. In fact as the path follows the river, there is a great opportunity to get in and walk within it instead of the path. Which we did!

L1004444 A Brock Bottom Dog Walk And Paddle

You cannot get lost, just follow the waterway. I had heard it was a gorgeous little area but didn’t appreciate that until I got there and started walking. Colour is everywhere from green of the trees to the light and shadows hitting the water.

L1004486 A Brock Bottom Dog Walk And Paddle

L1004441 A Brock Bottom Dog Walk And Paddle

Flowers of all colours grow by the river so I know this is one place to come in all seasons to see it in full beauty and differing colours. Malc was diving around the buttercups as well as the water. He loves to explore new things and especially water!

L1004384 A Brock Bottom Dog Walk And Paddle

L1004364 A Brock Bottom Dog Walk And Paddle

After following the waterway for a short while the tree lined riverside path becomes open meadow. Be aware there may be cows in here if you take your dog.

L1004411 A Brock Bottom Dog Walk And Paddle

This section really adds to the variety of surroundings. The river is still on the left if you want to get in the water but in the tree lined fields there is plenty of chance to sit in the sunshine and have a picnic perhaps?

DJI_0299 A Brock Bottom Dog Walk And Paddle

Once you get to this section you have lost so many of the day trippers too that have come to just paddle, they tend to stick to the section near the car park.

L1004416 A Brock Bottom Dog Walk And Paddle

Malc himself adores water. If there is water around and he will find it! With a shallow warm water river beside us he could never resist the temptation. So after 3 or 4 miles walking downstream we walked together and all the way back to the car park, within the stream!

L1004426 A Brock Bottom Dog Walk And Paddle

L1004413 A Brock Bottom Dog Walk And Paddle

I was soaked, he was soaked, but you know what? It was a truly memorable afternoon walk in the sunshine and we both had lots of bonding fun. Brock Bottom is a place I hadn’t thought I would appreciate quite as much as I should have. I will have to come back after heavy rains or in autumn to get a whole new beautiful perspective.

Written by Paul Steele

Paul is the founder and Editor of the site. An avid hiker and trekker. Travel, adventure and photography are passions that he combines to make his articles here. Likes to see the positive in everything.

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