99 Style Vanilla Cupcakes Recipe

There is nothing more delicious looking than a vanilla cupcake, iced in white buttercream and topped with a flake. These were definitely my most popular cupcakes when I was making cakes. They look amazing, just like a “99” ice cream and taste delicious.

And why do we call an ice cream with a flake a 99? Read below this recipe…

cupcakes-cream 99 Style Vanilla Cupcakes Recipe

Every cake maker has a different recipe for every different cake and a different way to make the cake. I prefer to go back to basics and make them as our Nana used to. You can make so many things from a simple vanilla cake mix.

My motto is keep it simple and keep it light and it is sure to delight.

Vanilla Cupcakes (makes 10-12 muffins)


6 oz Self Raising Flour (sifted)

6 oz Caster Sugar

6 oz Margarine

3 eggs (beaten)

1tsp Vanilla Essence ( I always choose one with seeds in as it tastes more natural)

For the Icing:

500g Icing Sugar

250g Butter 

1tsp Vanilla Essence


Flakes cut in half


Beat margarine and sugar together and then gradually mix in the eggs

Add the vanilla essence and beat all together

Fold in the flour

Place the mixture in your cupcake cases and bake in the oven at 180 degrees  (160 fan)  for 20 minutes or until turning a golden brown colour 

cupcakes-creamy 99 Style Vanilla Cupcakes Recipe

You can check if your cupcakes are cooked properly by either using a cake skewer which should come out clean or gently pressing the top of the cupcake and if it bounces back and is lovely and spongy then it is cooked 

cupcakes-cake 99 Style Vanilla Cupcakes Recipe

Leave the cakes to cool 

To make your icing, mix the icing sugar and butter together until white and creamy and add the vanilla essence.

Pipe onto your cakes once they are cooled. Pipe into a nice high spiral that looks like an ice cream

Then top off the cakes with your flakes 

cupcakes-recipe 99 Style Vanilla Cupcakes Recipe



Why Is The 99 Ice Cream Called The 99?

One of the nation’s favourite ice creams is the 99. But have you ever wondered why it is called so? It is basically an ice cream in a cone but with a flake in.

The real answer is: Nobody knows!

There are many theories out there, some plausible, some not, and some used for marketing by Cadburys and their product, but the exact truth may never be known,

The 99 ice cream has been around since the 1920s. So, those that say it was because it was always 99p originally can say it was a very very expensive item back then?

It was later, in 1930 that Cadbury made a short version of the flake especially for ice cream vendors. The 99 Flake. No it was not made 99mm long, our country didn’t use mm until decades later.

It is far fetched also to believe that the initials for ice cream IC is Roman numerals for 99. In fact IC isn’t 99 in Roman numerals, it’s XCIX.

Cadbury marketers may have you believe that in olden days the Italian monarch had 99 guards and showed a sign of class and luxury to a simple ice cream by adding a flake.

A common and maybe plausible case is made by the ancestors of an ice cream vendor in Edinburgh. It is said that in the 1920s he started putting cut Flakes in ice creams and when they were popular he named them after his shop number. 99 Portobello High St.

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Written by Sally Laker

Sally Laker grew up on the Isle of Wight and studied music at Chichester University. She worked as a store manager and medical administration assistant before going full-time with her cake-making business, Sally4Cakes. In 2014, she was named Home-Based Businesswoman Of The Year at the Kent Women In Business awards and in 2017 won Home Based Business of the Year at the Independent Business Awards Kent .
In 2016 she made the wedding cake for Gregg Wallace's marriage to Anna, which was featured in Hello Magazine, along with all the major UK newspapers and even on the TV !!
In 2019 Sally retired from her cake business and now works for a local business, Interpreting Matters, who help to provide sign language interpreters for deaf adults. She still bakes for family and friends in her spare time and is enjoying having time to explore the beautiful Kent countryside for the Baldhiker

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