The Colourful Fronts Of Edinburgh

Just spent a couple of days in Edinburgh, our favourite UK city. One of the great things about Edinburgh is that it hasn’t been entirely taken over by the national retail chain stores – there are some great little independent shops. This combined with the great architecture and some time served, sometimes peeling, paint makes for some fantastic individualistic shop fronts. Here are some of my favourites from an early morning stroll around the Royal Mile and Grassmarket area of town.

Shop Fronts In Colour

Every niche of shop seems to have joined in with painting their shop fronts in fabulous colours. It is all done perfectly tastily too. Nothing looks cheap and nasty at all. They all seem to compliment each other.

Firstly the news agents – true blue Scotsmen get your papers here….

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The scotsman shop edinburgh

Cafe Jacques in the Grassmarket has a great frontage too. A different shade of blue but looks wonderful and unique. Of course it tempts you in for a bite to eat or maybe a coffee break.

Cafe Jacques in the Grassmarket

Mr Wood’s Fossils – open since the dawn of time….

Sorry for the pun!

Mr Wood's fossils

A tobacconist and a jewellers standing side by side. Differing in colour yet seemingly both working together to invite you in. Of course it depends on what you are shopping for or what your need is. never any harm to take a look around though is there?

A tobacconist and a jewellers standing side by side

Independent clothes shops of Edinburgh join in as well. Some looking very sophisticated, using the old architecture well.

The well dressed Scotsman must shop at Walker Slater.

walker slater Edinburgh

I love the tee shirt in this one – look closely….

Cruel, but made me smile on my walk through the city.

pink shop

Two of my very favourite shop fronts – the beautiful curved glass of Miss Katie Cupcake with fantastically placed bike and then the Bacchus Antiques (with possibly the original paint job from 1729?).

Miss Katie Cupcake Edinburgh
Bacchus antiques

As if we don’t need temptations for cupcakes!

And a final one – Whisky – of course….

This is the heart and capital of Scotland and a wee dram is always in order. Shops like these make you realise just how many brands and tastes there are beyond the big usual brands.

Royal mile whiskies

Thank you Edinburgh… a photographer’s dream. And a special thank you to the brilliant independent shopkeepers.

And if the owner of Bacchus Antiques sees this – don’t you ever dare repaint the front of your shop, I loved it!

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  1. Love it too. Great! I have to go there when I’m back in the UK!

  2. Lovely! One of these days I’ll make it across the pond to see it all in person. 🙂

  3. This makes me miss Edinburgh!

  4. Angela Pointon says:

    one of my favourite day trips which never fails to inspire….. lovely shots.

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