A Perfect Day In Rome (Video) 1

A short on the go video created with British Airways. A Perfect Day In Rome!

One day in Rome with the people of Twitter to guide me ‘live’ on the go! Yes, it was a day to see so much yet at the start of it I did not know what I was going to do, eat or see!

The day started with a flight from London to Rome and then the rest of the day you was my guide. I would go on Twitter, you would tell me where to go next, we would video and document it and then move on quickly to where in Rome you wanted me to go next, fun!

There were famous spots of course including Rome tourist spots like The Forum, Trevi Fountain and the wonderful Piazza Navona.

But then I was guided by you to little gems I had never heard of before myself. Like the keyhole to another country. Or the fact that you can always see the building, Il Vittoriano for all spots in Rome but I never knew how easy it was to get on the roof and see the whole city from a great perspective.

We had lovely restaurants recommended. A rush around Palatine hill for a super view of the Colosseum. We discovered a cat sanctuary hidden amongst the ancient ruins in a less frequented part of the city.

All in all it was a perfect day indeed. A day of discovery, a day of adventure and at times a day of rushing around. I danced in the cobbled market, I sang, I drank and it was a merry day too.

Please take a look at this video below to see what I got up to and more. After all, it was yourselves that sent me to these places throughout the day, thank you!

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