Malta: Golden Bay Beach

In a recent post I showed the spectacular sunset that you get from Golden Bay Beach, Malta. But of course, what about in broad sunny daylight? A time to sit back, relax and enjoy the sun, sand and waves.

P3250174-beach Malta: Golden Bay Beach

I was here in early Spring so although it was beautiful and sunny it was also extremely quiet. I had the whole beach to myself and with the quietness, only the sound of the waves rang through my ears.. Can’t complain at all eh. It is situated in a very quiet part of the island too, but, the Azure Resort I was staying in looks right out over the bay, tempting you every time you look out over the balcony.

P3250261-beach Malta: Golden Bay Beach

P3250257-beach Malta: Golden Bay Beach

If you remember the film Troy starring Brad Pitt then you will have seen this beach before as some of the filming too place on the beach.

A marvellous setting to relax and wind down. Sat, looking out over the Mediterranean, drink in hand, rocky cliffs either side framing the view perfectly.

P3250273-beach Malta: Golden Bay Beach

With it being close to the hotel you have facilities close at hand behind the turquoise and sand with Restaurants and cafes. Even though remote it is very accessible having a car park and bus stop.

P3250270-beach Malta: Golden Bay Beach

It was the other side of this beach from the hotel I had wandered, above the cliffs, to take a closer look at one of Malta’s historic coastal towers. In amongst the relaxing it is very worth a stroll along the cliff tops. You can also get down to the adjoining beach,¬†Ghajn Tuffieha Bay. More sandy heaven.

P3250267-beach Malta: Golden Bay Beach

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  1. wow very beautiful beach to visit for holidays. thanks for posting this. really nice place to spend weekend….

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