Colours of a sunset: Eden Valley, Cumbria

A highlight of my life. Being able to watch so many sunsets in the Eden Valley, Cumbria. I have been nomadic all my life since being a teenager. From born and bred Oldham, through a few moves around Europe and a few years back in Saddleworth,

Then came a home nestled within beautiful surroundings, in a gorgeous valley between the mountains of the Lake District and the peaks of the northern pennines and Yorkshire Dales. The great outdoors one step out the door, nature at every turn and views beyond views. Hikes and climbs great and small galore. ‘Right up my street’ ya know. A wonderful place to come back to after some travels.

sunset1_sunseteden Colours of a sunset: Eden Valley, Cumbria

P8050035_sunseteden Colours of a sunset: Eden Valley, Cumbria

Being such a great wide rolling valley formed by huge glaciers the Eden Valley area gets a micro climate whether the winds come from east or west. I can be lazing in the garden, sun on my face whilst looking at deep dark clouds hiding the tops of England’s highest peaks. I can also be watching the rain fall out the window but a line of blue sky appears under the clouds above the Pennines that have blocked the greyness going over. Cross Fell makes an appearance more often than people think.

Yes, it all leads to oft occurring dramatic skies. Especially at sunset. One day this week I took a few brief shots as I watched the sun go down amongst the clouds.

P8050011_1_sunseteden Colours of a sunset: Eden Valley, Cumbria

P8050033_sunseteden Colours of a sunset: Eden Valley, Cumbria

Tomorrow it could just as colourful yet totally different. I find it a great time for the evening hound walk. A great time to reflect on a great day or to think of whatever may lie ahead. The sunrises the other direction are just as great. One day I should take my camera out on the early walk.

P8050062_sunseteden Colours of a sunset: Eden Valley, Cumbria

Many of these occasions are purely by chance. Not going out specifically to get a sunset photo but maybe a wander through nature that happens to coincide with the timing of sunset. The Eden Valley, being so wide with backdrops of hills and mountains makes the sunset moments much more special. The sillhouettes of trees and farm buildings adding to the ambience.

P8050049_sunseteden Colours of a sunset: Eden Valley, Cumbria

It also just so happens that from the home, the sun sets over on or around Blencathra in the Lake district depending on the time of year. sitting in the garden on a warm Summer day watching the sun descend. Very memorable moments indeed. It invigorates the mind for new things.

P8050045_sunseteden Colours of a sunset: Eden Valley, Cumbria

Written by Paul Steele

Paul is the founder and Editor of the site. An avid hiker and trekker. Travel, adventure and photography are passions that he combines to make his articles here. Likes to see the positive in everything.


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  1. More stunning here photos here Paul…..I have been to quite a few paradises around the world and these UK sunsets rank with any.

  2. What a stunning sunset? I love the photos and I must say that it’s inspiring and magnificent. I think I’ve fallen in love to another place called Crumbia.

  3. Living and traveling mostly within the United States and throughout the Gulf of Mexico, I never realized how exquisite Britain is. Paul, the moments that you capture in your photos are breathtaking. I especially love how you describe “dramatic skies.” I’m so pleased to be following you now and look forward to being inspired by your incredible talent.

  4. Wow, beautiful! These pictures almost look like they’re from the Sahara!

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