Cleveleys & Rossall Beach, Sunrise & Sunset

Having a dog gets you out even more and gets yourself walking even more. Life is not just about hills, mountains and trails. The beach can fulfil all your walk desires to begin and end a day.

Sunrises, sunsets can be spectacular and more than often you can enjoy it all with your four legged friends before the masses head to the coast for their time.

sunrise at Cleveleys beach

The Lancashire Coast I find is full of wonders, and now I am exploring more and more of the Fylde Coast every day, taking in sunrises and sunsets especially around Rossall and Cleveleys Beaches.

The neon of Blackpool in the distance but away from it all enough to enjoy fresh sea air a bit more as nature intended. South of Blackpool towards Lytham St Annes I have shown you the dunes.

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And further north I wander the quietness of Rossall Point. Now though, for morning and sunset walks around the front at Cleveleys.

sunrise at Rossall beach

Malc loves the sea! In fact he has turned into a proper water (and mud) loving dog. As soon as he sees we are at the beach he is off, sprinting to the waters edge.

The beaches here start as shingle and as you go outwards they turn to sand. Yes, he likes a good dig too 🙂

looking down at the tide and beach

For dog walkers galore it is somewhere local that is wide open for some fresh air, running and playing. During the summer months the Cleveleys part of the beach is a no dog beach but you can still enjoy the bit immediately north where it turns into Rossall Beach.

The landmark that essentially marks this boundary is well known to photographers, Mary’s Shell.

sunset at st mary's shell cleveleys

Mary’s Shell is one of a number of pieces of art on Cleveleys Beach. Made of metal it is fully seen when the tide is out or at high tide only the top can be seen.

During low tide you can get inside it and read the words of Sea Swallow story that is etched within the shell.

walking the dog on the beach at sunrise

If you are here with a dog and after refreshments then a top tip that is close is The Venue. They absolutely welcome dogs in the back bar/restaurant area and cater with bowls of water and dog biscuits on the bar.

Sunrises here are inland, being west facing, yet still produce a colour along the seafront that is quite magical at times. I always make sure I have a camera of some sort with me or the drone.

sunset at Rossall beach

It is a perfect place to start the day if I have a full on day inside ahead working. The fresh sea air gets the blood pumping. Together with the joy of walking the companion dog.

Plus, every sunrise is always different to the last. It is a joy to walk along so early within the colours. As the sun is rising up and daylight breaks properly you start to see a few others venture on and Malc gets to play and run some more with new found friends.

dog at sunset by the sea
red sunrise cleveleys

I am sure within time, I will be adding so many new views to these ones here as I keep coming back for more. Every stretch of our coast brings its own uniqueness and each time a find anew stretch of it I always want to find its magic.

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  1. malcolm bamford says:

    amazing, beautiful photos. live fleetwood rd anchorsholme, and didnt realise what im missing!

    will be up early tomoz for a look

    h1 mal

  2. colette sale says:

    Lovely photos. Not been to those places but man memories of the sands at Blackpool when a child after WW11. thank you!

  3. Stunning photos! And I love that you included the beach in your walks! There is something magical about being near the water! It’s where all my best ideas happen. 🙂

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