Rafting on the Exploits River

The Exploits River is known for its world class Salmon fishing, but, it is also a great river to toss the kayaker around in its white water. The river has some wild rapids that range from class 1 to class 4+ depending on the water levels.

kayak_001_tinarafting Rafting on the Exploits River

I spend a lot of time on the banks of the Exploits and when I see the “big red bus” in the area, I know that Riverfront Chalets has its rafts on the river.

Paul Rose is a friend of mine and to see his company take people down the river is always fun. Their screams and laughs are infectious! Watching them maneuver the rapids and give people a thrill of a lifetime is worth perching yourself on a rock and taking a few pictures.

Here are some I captured one day:

rafting_001_tinarafting Rafting on the Exploits River

rafting_002_tinarafting Rafting on the Exploits River

rafting_003_tinarafting Rafting on the Exploits River

rafting_004_tinarafting Rafting on the Exploits River

A paddle high five for a job well done!

rafting_005_tinarafting Rafting on the Exploits River

Those pictures were taken of the Canyon Run. Since I am not a strong swimmer, I opted for the calmer adventure called the Badger Shoot. This photo was taken last August. I am in the back on the right. It was a total blast and I will be doing it again.

Me_Last_Summer_tinarafting Rafting on the Exploits River

Written by Tina Dean

Tina is an avid hiker and nature enthusiast. Living in picturesque Newfoundland, CANADA, her adventures take her through thick forests, along fast flowing rivers, and next to crashing ocean waves always with the chance of photographing the majestic wildlife of the area. Her passion for nature has brought forward a fire for photography.


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  1. Awesome trip and pics Paul What a life you have .Have a great week ahead

    • Hi George, thank you.. That was Tina Dean that went on that adventure 🙂

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