Northumberland – A Social Stroll

Last weekend it was time for the latest ‘Tweetup and Hike’, and it was time for a change. Instead of being the summer affair of camping and mountains of the North West this time it was nice to head North East to the hills on a glorious winter weekend with Bed and breakfast comforts.

As ever the invite was open for some lovely and great Twitter friends to get away from all and join me on a weekends stroll with the prospect of meeting and making new friends as the hike and tales progress. It was absolutely wonderful to be joined by friends old and new, made for a great experience. Joining the fun this time were @cindyvriend @LinhopeHouse, @animal_watch, @coliboo (and daughter), @UKgage, @luciegage and @wadds.

We may have had big glorious blue skies for the hike day but of course the winter temperatures joined in so we must thank @MerrellUK for providing us so kindly with hats and gloves. Perfect! We all looked snug! 😀

LinhopeHouse_01 Northumberland – A Social Stroll

After a full and hearty Northumberland Breakfast courtesy of our accommodation at Linhope House it was time to take to the trail. As ever with the Tweetup and Hikes it is leisurely at slowest persons pace so all enjoy and take in the miles. Walking along in the fresh air getting to know each other.

SimonsSide_05 Northumberland – A Social Stroll

SimosSide_01 Northumberland – A Social Stroll

All tweeters makes for some different hiking sights too. Never a fear to ask to stop for a twitpic, coffee breaks become a ‘have I got a signal?’ breaks too or ‘suchabody says high in the stream’. It truly is wonderful to see people out there in twitterland joining in and sharing the guy’s pics as we stroll. A bigger team day out.

TweetupandHike Northumberland – A Social Stroll

SimonSide_small Northumberland – A Social Stroll

We wound out of Rothbury, through the trees and up to the top of Simonside. The views lay out before us and after a scarmble to the top you could feel the awe from the gang. I love seeing and helping people do things like this out of their norm. Joy for all.

SimonsSide_03 Northumberland – A Social Stroll

SimonsSide_09 Northumberland – A Social Stroll

SimonsSide_07 Northumberland – A Social Stroll

rainbow Northumberland – A Social Stroll

For the next couple of hours we walked, talked, tweeted, photographed our way across the wonderful countryside. The blue skies stayed with us too, couldn’t expect better.

SimonsSide_04 Northumberland – A Social Stroll

SimonsSide_06 Northumberland – A Social Stroll

SimonsSide_08 Northumberland – A Social Stroll

And of course the weekend does not stop there, waiting for us back in Rothbury was cake, cream, scones and a gorgeous Baileys coffee (or two) at Harley’s Tearoom. mmmmmm.

HarleysTea Northumberland – A Social Stroll

In the evening we ate well, socialised well and had a drink or two well 😉 I cannot wait until the next one and a new location, details coming soon.

LinhopeHouse_02 Northumberland – A Social Stroll

Written by Paul Steele

Founder of and avid hiker, climber and trekker. Never liking to sit still and always seeking new adventures around the world. Sharing personal views here and tweeting live via @paul_steele

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