Yorkshire Luxury - Frenchgate House Apartment, Richmond

Ok, it was my birthday and I wanted somewhere special to stay and get away from all the hustle and bustle. Somewhere to wind down, relax, and enjoy some wonderful time. This was the place and wonderful it was. Frenchgate House apartment, Richmond.

bedroom richmond

Richmond being a perfect spot to enjoy in itself plus also in the heart of the countryside of North Yorkshire. The Frenchgate apartment is within Richmond just a stones throw from the historic centre and market place.

What’s more is this apartment huge! Large comfortable living spaces plus 4 bedrooms, you could quite easily accommodate 2 to 8 people, very easily. Great for groups wanting luxury and comfort.

luxury bedroom

It may look white but from the moment I walked in the place oozed comfortable. And so very spotless! They have got that balance perfect between bright and white yet never having that feeling of being scared to touch anything. Minimalistic yet very fine indeed.

BaldHiker Retreats
kitchen through to lounge area

Younreally don’t need to take anything apart from your clothes and selves. As a self catering apartment it had everything you could need already within. The kitchen had all and more, even a coffee machine stocked with coffee I took a great liking to. The views out from the living room and dining area stretched over to the Yorkshire countryside. Nice.

dining area

The list of what’s on offer goes on and on.. 2 bathrooms, a washroom, plasma TV, free wifi….. Actually, being my birthday and being an outdoor man it was certainly getting difficult to get out the door from here. Relaxing!

bathroom and shower

But when in Richmond, you must. A quaint and historic town with lots to offer. After so much birthday cake a town stroll was in order with a walk around the castle.

All in all it was a very very nice stay and a very very nice break. I would definitely come back and stay here with lots more time to experience the local outdoors too.

another bedroom
lounge table top

Details of how to book and more info can be found on their website. I sense new adventures ahead.

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