An Autumn Walk Through Red House Wood, Moor Monkton (Video) 1

A sunny Autumnal day, blue skies, still air and a freshness on the face. A perfect day for a woodland walk. The colours of the trees changing to browns, reds, yellows and the conifers holding firm with the green. I love walking at this time of year, the colours and weathers bring out even more motivation. Here is a video with a few clips of a local walk through Red House Wood, Moor Monkton, North Yorkshire.

Red House Wood is one of those little woodlands that being unknown to many yet off the main roads can mean you get the whole place to yourself. It is situated North of the City of York off the A59. After the Poppleton exit carry on for 3 miles or so and take the next right to Moor Monkton, instead of heading to the village take the first right and over a mile down the road the road ends at a junction with a couple spaces to park the car. The woods have open access in the Northern section.

An Autumn Walk Through Red House Wood, Moor Monkton (Video) 2

I am looking forward to getting back here not just through the Autumn and Winter but Spring too as it is famed locally for its bluebells 😀

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An Autumn Walk Through Red House Wood, Moor Monkton (Video) 3

Wherever you are in the world make sure to get out and about in the woodlands as well as the wide open spaces, hills and mountains. You never know what treasures you will discover 🙂

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