Lillehammer scenery

Before I arrived in Lillehammer the only thoughts I had about it were from watching the 1994 Olympics which were held here.

It didn’t take long into the first day here for me to realise why this was the perfect place to hold a winter Olympics. There is so much to do and enjoy in this place. Especially in winter.

The scenery is spectacular; the options on offer are vast whether you want outdoor, adrenalin filled fun or to learn something indoors.

It was a cold day in winter but that did not stop us having a blast in the snow.

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Norway Lillehammer Tobogganing

Here at Lillehammer on our first morning the mini adventure was tobogganing. I use the term ‘mini adventure’ loosely because this was about as far removed from sledging back home as a kid as I could get.

This is tobogganing down a 1km slope like you would do on skis and what a thrill it was.

Yes, there are brakes you can use, but before long you get braver and braver; so much so that the brakes become almost obsolete in your mind.

Norway Lillehammer Tobogganing down the slopes

Elk Stew Anyone?

After a couple of hours flying down the slopes on the toboggan it was time for some lunch.

We were invited to lunch in a tipi at the bottom of the toboggan run. It wasn’t your average lunch either. A great feast of reindeer and elk stew, washed down with Acquavit (a local alcoholic drink that sure warms you up).

Indoors Thing To Do In Lillehammer

The Norwegian Olympic Museum is naturally situated in Lillehammer, specifically in the hall where the 1994 Olympic hockey games were held.

Norway has actually hosted the Winter Olympics twice: once in 1952 and again in 1994. This museum showcases everything having to do with both occasions.

It is not overly self centric either. It teaches you about the Olympics themselves going back to the very beginning, as well as showcasing athletes from around the world.

Bobsleigh Speed

OK, now I knew this was going to be fun: going down the Olympic luge track in a wheelbob.

wheelbob at lillehammer

A wheelbob is a safer version of a bobsleigh. It’s cushioned on all sides from blows, and the wheels stop you from going at Olympic speeds.

6 of us climbed in to the car and down we went! 3 times in total we went down the Olympic bobsleigh track. Getting up to 100 kmh you can really feel the force of the 3Gs .Your brain literally gets rattled around in your head, and I have gained a whole new respect for the athletes who do this at full speed! What an amazing experience.

One of the individuals I was with even managed to get video footage of one of our bobsleigh runs:

Stay At The Ice Hotel

After dinner, which by the way was more elk in the form of a burger this time, we headed to our accommodation for the night. The Ice Hotel at Hunderfossen.

Norway Lillehammer Icehotel at Hunderfossen

Stepping inside it was time for a drink … and time to put my gloves on. The glasses are not glass but made from ice, of course, and I tell you, that bright blue vodka went down a treat!

After a drink (well maybe a couple) I took a walk through the icy wonderland. There was even an ice church with an ice altar where people could get married.

Norway Lillehammer Icehotel church

After that full on day in the cold outdoors, heart pumping with plenty of adrenalin, it was time for bed.

When staying in an ice hotel for the first time you need to realise that it is far from uncomfortable. Yes the beds are made of ice, but the skins and fur on top make it a whole lot more plush.

You have your sleeping bag, and you are layered up, even leaving your hat on, but you soon warm up inside there.

Norway Lillehammer Icehotel bed

And you will never experience quietness quite like an ice hotel. All that packed ice around you absorbs any noise and doesn’t rebound at all. That also means no sound gets in. You notice straight away how pure the silence is.


And that was just one day in Lillehammer! Imagine all of the other things you can experience. From dog sledding to exploring the arctic circle and so much more. Bring it on!

I enjoyed the slopes and speed, as well as the overnight adventure in the ice hotel, and can’t wait to go back. What a fantastic experience.

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  1. Joe Thomas says:

    So beautiful! Must visit one day..

  2. Paul Steele says:

    Haha good point 🙂

  3. Peter Burgess says:

    Great stuff! I loved the video, but don't lick the walls of the hotel! hehe Thanks for sharing

  4. It's not a tipi. The Sami tent used in Norway is called a Lavvo. Seems like you're having a great trip in my wonderful homeland 🙂

  5. The photos are awesome, my first time following you on an adventure. First saw you via search, since we'd be going to Kilimanjaro in 20days.

    Really looking forward to the Norway, your way posts. <3, great job.

  6. Hi Paul, OMG!!! That bobsleigh run looks terrific!!! Thanks for sharing your trip to Norway with your readers. Have a wonderful time up there and I'm very much looking forward to read your next posts. Stay stafe and have fun! Hugs, Caro 🙂

  7. Elle (@dog_luvr) says:

    Wow Paul! Your trip seems amazing!!! Thank you for sharing your adventurous tales, and your wonderful photos! Have a fantastic time, I look forward to reading more about your fun experiences in Norway.

  8. Hi Paul, I am envious. What a full day of activities. This ice hotel is cool (no pun intended). Nice pics. Thanks for sharing the adventure.

  9. Deborah Lee says:

    Wow Paul, what an amazing experience and you're only one day into your trip!

    Breathtakingly beautiful photographs .. I'm looking forward to your day 2 report already 🙂

  10. john olson says:

    The pictures ate truely awesome. My great grandfather is from Norway and I have relatives there. Enjoy the sights and the culture. Look forward to seeing more pics. I'm following you on twitter. Johnnyo31

    John Olson

  11. blogomomma says:

    Again I say with regret that I didn't hide myself in your luggage – it truly looks like a wonderful time! They couldn't have chosen a better storyteller!

  12. Waheed Akhtar says:

    Woww… Cool pics

  13. Judith Abraham says:

    Wonderful photos and I look forward to more of them. If you wander down south to the Baltic States, please come and visit Liepaja, Latvia!

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