Norway - Tromsø and Dog Sledding 1

I cannot believe it, day 7 already. Now it was time to fly North and above the Arctic circle. First destination up here… Tromsø. No matter how early we had to get up for the flight it was difficult to sleep for what was seen out of the window. Wonderful white winter landscapes.

Norway - Tromsø and Dog Sleds

Upon arrival it was out into the cold, all wrapped up and time to go dog sledding 🙂 Fantastic, something I have always wanted to do, and a wonderful surroundings we had here too.

Norway - Tromsø and Dog Sleds

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As we pulled up the dogs were howling and barking to great us. All they want to do is run!

Norway - Tromsø and Dog Sleds

Norway - Tromsø and Dog Sleds

Each dog greeted us and they are so so soft and friendly when you approach them. After being treated to some more reindeer it was time to get on the sleds and go go go!

Norway - Tromsø and Dog Sleds

Off we went, the sun shining, the deep snow, the dogs running. It was even better than I imagined. As you go the freezing wind hitting your face is forgotten as you watch the huskies work happily and look around at the scenery Tromsø has to offer.

Norway - Tromsø and Dog Sleds

At the end of the day it was back onto an overnight ship to go as far north as you can on land in mainland europe.. tomorrow is the North Cape

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  1. Vincentiu says:

    Perfect place to go with my family. Thanks for great pictures!

  2. Thanks for sharing – this has given me an insight into what to expect in a couple of months time when I travel 250km from Tromso to the Ice Hotel in Sweden via dogsled. It looks amazing…

  3. Cynthia Robertson says:

    Oh my, that looks so fun! The dogs are beautiful and the scenery is stunning. Thanks for sharing your experience in these lovely photos!

  4. Gina Stark says:

    Wonderful and exhilarating just reading and viewing your photo documentary of the ride! Suuper happy for you, Paul!

  5. I'm extremely jealous right now. Looks like an awesome day you had!

  6. Hi Paul! It's cool to see that you like the northern part of Norway. I was living in Tromsø for 5 years and love the city for it's diversity and hip environment.

  7. Looks like you're having a great time in Norway!
    And it's so nice to follow your journey day by day. Enjoy every minute of it!

  8. Absolutely stunnning pics Paul… Dogs look in perfect health. I expect it was an exhilarating if bumpy ride? Have loved reading the past 6 days and sharing the wonderful photos. What an awesome place.

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