skiing above Voss in norway

Voss is known as the adventure capital of Norway. It is situated deep in the heart of mountains and the fjords so you can imagine how great the views and backdrop to this place is.

It is only about 100 km, 1 hour, from the town of Bergen too so it is easily accessible for maybe a weekend too

It is great for all year round adventures. Hiking, rafting, sky diving and many other extreme sports. In winter it is especially famed for skiing.

Lots of people head to France, Austria and Italy etc but I would recommend if you want to try somewhere different then head to here. It is much less commercialised and the skiing is fantastic.

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Voss has 11 lifts and a total of 24 slopes and every level of skier is accommodated for.

We awoke in the beautiful snowscape around Voss it was an early start and upwards to the alpine skiing above, in the mountains.

looking over Voss from the top of the ski slope

Even before we put on our skis at the bottom of the slopes we were treated to a stunning view down and over Voss itself.


As most of our group had never been skiing before we were given a fantastic crash course and actually the quick lesson was so good we were all off and downwards in not much time at all.

a group of skiers in Voss

I got my rusty skiing legs going relatively quickly. I got braver and braver then faster and faster. If I got too brave I did get my just reward, with a mini crash. All part of the fun

Paul Steele skiing in Voss

Those 24 slopes equal over 40 km of ski slopes here and for every standard of skier you can think of. Of course we are in Norway too so there are another 18 km for cross country skiing.

3 slopes for children means that it is a perfect skiing destination for the whole family. I certainly felt the family and quiet vibe here. Skiing in Norway is definitely more about the skiing than the party, as other parts of Europe make it the other way around.

Voss is also perfectly located so that you can actually catch the gondola in the town centre at the train station and be on the mountainside slopes within 10 minutes.

No long travels to ski from your accommodation at all. A top tip, book your Gondola ticket online from the comfort of your hotel. You then skip to the front end of the queue to get on and start skiing.

skiing downhill in Voss


If you are taking a ski holiday in Voss then you may also be interested in the second ski resort nearby to add variety.

Myrkdalen is only 30 minutes by car from Voss and is always great for snow and is also known for being quiet, uncrowded and peaceful.

a lone skier on the slopes of Voss in winter

Voss Town

Back down after a fun day skiing you can enjoy the snowy tranquility of Voss itself.

Regional food to enjoy, cafes, bars and you must try some of the local beers.

After all that fun I ready for the next snowy Norway adventure now, dog sledding in Tromso.

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  1. Beautiful stunning wonderful. You are luck Paul. 🙂

  2. Diana Adams says:

    Wow, what a fantastic experience!!! You've never skied before? Me either. Lol You look like a pro. 🙂 This is fabulous! As always, I LOVE the pics. This looks like an amazing adventure. 🙂

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