skiing above voss

Today was a full on day! Skiing on the mountains above Voss then a walk through the great Norwegian town of Bergen. A fantastic way to spend a day in Norway.

Awaking in the beautiful snowscape around Voss it was an early start and upwards to the alpine skiing above, in the mountains. Even before we put on our skis at the bottom of the slopes we were treated to a stunning view down and over Voss itself.

Norway Day 5 - skiing above Voss and Bergen sights

Discovering Voss

Voss is known as the adventure capital of Norway. It is situated deep in the heart of the fjords so you can imagine how great the views and backdrop to this place is. It is good for all year round adventure. Hiking, rafting, sky diving and many other extreme sports. In winter it is famed for skiing. Lots of people head to France, Austria and Italy etc but I would recommend if you want to try somewhere different then head to here.


As most of us had never been skiing before we were given a fantastic crash course and actually the quick lesson was so good we were off and downwards in not much time at all. I was nervous but was soon loving every minute of it.

Norway Day 5 - skiing above Voss and Bergen sights

I found I took to downhill skiing relatively well. I got braver and braver then faster and faster. If I got too brave I did get my just reward with a mini crash! I didn’t get too ahead of myself though, by going on slopes that were way ahead of my skiing quality.

Norway Day 5 - skiing above Voss and Bergen sights

There are over 40 km of ski slopes here and for every standard of skier you can think of. Voss is perfectly located so that you can actually catch the gondola in the town centre and be on the mountainside within 10 minutes.

Norway Day 5 - skiing above Voss and Bergen sights

It was a great experience. At the top of the mountain I took a deep breath at one of the cafes and took in the scenery all covered in snow with the sun beating down. Perfect conditions.

Norway Day 5 - skiing above Voss and Bergen sights

Travelling To Bergen

After lots of that fresh air we took a bus ride down the road to the great town of Bergen. Which is only 100 km from Voss. Which is great also the other way if you want a quick ski excursion.

The Flohibahnen

One big tip when in Bergen is to see the whole town from above by taking a trip up on the Flohibahnen. You get to see the town in all its glory. I was there at dusk so watching the lights of the night come on made it better still.

Norway Day 5 - skiing above Voss and Bergen sights


Bergen also has a famous area called Bryggen. It has the oldest buildings of the city. This area is famous for its protected buildings from the Hanseatic traders that came from Germany hundreds of years ago to fish from Bergen’s shores. The buildings are kept to their original state and can only be repaired using the original methods completely. Wandering around them makes you feel you are going back in time.

Norway Day 5 - skiing above Voss and Bergen sights

It was late and the darkness, with the colour of this historic part of the city left a wonderful impression on me. I needed sleep before heading on a new adventure in the morning. So now I need to come back to this part of Norway and see more of its charm and glory.

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  1. Beautiful stunning wonderful. You are luck Paul. 🙂

  2. Avatar of Diana Adams Diana Adams says:

    Wow, what a fantastic experience!!! You've never skied before? Me either. Lol You look like a pro. 🙂 This is fabulous! As always, I LOVE the pics. This looks like an amazing adventure. 🙂

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