Tenerife – Masca and the Ravine

Time to get the hiking boots on and head to the North West of Tenerife, the Teno mountains. Picturesque that is certain and lush with greenery amongst the rising rocks.

The place I needed to head was a little, very remote village called Masca. In fact so remote that it was not connected by road until just 1991. This particular road itself is an adventure. Winding, sharply around the mountainside, hairpin bends and too narrow for big coaches.

Then, suddenly, there it is before you, the village of Masca. Its houses (150 inhabitants) perched on a dramatic mountainside. What a view to start with.

masca village on hilltop

The hike? Well. From this village runs a narrow and gorgeous ravine down to the sea at Masco Bay. Off you go and….. down.

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Pictures cannot show the expanse of it all. The mountains either side of the gorges towering above you. The ravine gets to just 20 metres wide in parts. Rock formations creating great visual distraction. It was sheer wonder.

Masca gorge
tenerife masca ravine path
In the ravine

To keep you company there are the thousands of little lizards that dart into the grass as you approachs, coloured songbirds, with their song amplified in the echoey rock walls. greenery each way you look and pools, waterfalls. In fact there are too many things to see and talk about, it truly is an experience to undertake.

Tenerife lizard
Tenerife dragonfly
cactus masca
stream pond

The trek down takes about 2.5 – 3 hours. And there you are at the bottom, a hidden bay (Masco Bay) only accessable by boat any other way. What a place to stop and rest.

near the bottom of ravine
Tenerife - Masco Bay

Now then, what to do about getting back to the car? Well, as a hiker I did the turn around and climb back up. Its good for me, I loved it and I got to see all in a different perspective with sun moving around too since.

However, the other way is catching the arranged boats that come collect from the bay and ship you round to Los Gigantes. Many hotels can arrange a coach to Masca and then pickup from Los Gigantes after your journey. That way you don’t have to hammer yourself back up the mountain but still enjoy the ravine.

walking back up
Tenerife mountains

One of those hikes I would definately do again!

Tomorrow? Out on the Atlantic in a glass bottomed boat to where the dolphins and whales are. Best practice the trigger finger on the camera.

Thank you!

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  1. Your Tenerife hikes make me feel like I was living back there hiking it all over again. Bravo to you also for showing that there is a beautiful side to the island away from the strips along the coastland.

  2. Lisa @ RunWiki says:

    Speechless (which is not easy to do) so gorgeous can't even imagine what it looks like in person as I know pictures must not have done it justice.

  3. Awesome stuff Paul. So many people out there just think of sun and sand when they think of the Canary Islands. Some fantastic and unique scenery to explore on each of these wonderful Islands.Look forward to seeing more!!

  4. Spectacular trek and the snapshots are just the same. I would love to hear those songbirds, beautiful indeed!

  5. Walks And Walking says:

    Absolutely awesome photographs – spectacular!

  6. After viewing lots of other photos and videos, including this one – I'm sold on going to the Canary Islands. You did an absolutely great job on the mountain photography. Simply so beautiful.

  7. Gina SuuperG Stark says:

    Of course you hoofed it all the way back up 😉 I love changing perspective and light. It's what makes my regular hikes through Idyllwild and the San Jacintos always new and beautiful. Loving this trip of yours – a whole new Spain for me…for us all! Cheers! G

  8. @ellies58 says:

    OMG…This is an Absolutely awe-inspiring group of Photo's Paul! You really are so fortumate…and I am so grateful that You take the time to Share! :)))

  9. Stefanie Frank says:

    Paul what are the cacti looking plants in the 8th photo from the top (below the dragonfly)? They look A LOT like some plants we have around here!

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