Tenerife – El Teide, Climbing To The Top of Spain 1

Mt Teide, Tenerife. The summit of which stands at 3,718 m (12,198 ft), which makes it the highest point in Spain. Today was my day for getting the old boots on and wandering up there.

Tenerife - El Teide, Climbing To The Top of Spain

Heading away from the coast and upwards towards the start point you are hit by the striking and different scenery the whole of Teide National Park has to offer.

Tenerife - El Teide, Climbing To The Top of Spain

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Even shortly after setting off up the mountain on foot the lunar landscape of this volcanic region becomes all too apparent. Different shades volcanic soil and rock lighting up your path.

Tenerife - El Teide, Climbing To The Top of Spain

Tenerife - El Teide, Climbing To The Top of Spain

After wandering around and up the lower slopes you are met with zig zag after zig zag up the steeper side but looking around you in awe and seeing the clouds floating below the effort of climbing becomes easier.

Tenerife - El Teide, Climbing To The Top of Spain

Tenerife - El Teide, Climbing To The Top of Spain

Tenerife - El Teide, Climbing To The Top of Spain

You know you are getting close when you turn a corner and see the summit cone before you, with the little puffs of sulphur being discharged in the air. Snow patches also make an appearance.

Tenerife - El Teide, Climbing To The Top of Spain

Tenerife - El Teide, Climbing To The Top of Spain

Around and up a few more bends you reach the point that other tourists reach in the cable car. Now then, if you want to climb that final cone to the summit from here you will have had to apply for a permit days beforehand. Only a handful of people are permitted on the summit section per hour. Plan ahead, it is really worth the work getting one and climbing to the very top. Sitting on the top of Spain, the islands laid out before you, the smell of sulphur in the air and memories and rewards to take home with you. If you are on Tenerife then go for it, I must say it is a truly rewarding climb.

Tenerife - El Teide, Climbing To The Top of Spain

Tenerife - El Teide, Climbing To The Top of Spain

I even managed to capture a little beast flying around on the lower slopes, funny little fellow 🙂

Tenerife - El Teide, Climbing To The Top of Spain

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  1. Kiran Venkatarao says:


    I was killing time on the net, you have posted great photos.
    you have posted photos of Maui to Mexico, I got to see pictures of places I had only heard about,thank you


  2. This was one of the best trekking ever for me!

    1. Paul Steele says:

      super isn’t it? 🙂

  3. Hi, great pics and nice walk. I’ve just been to Lanzarote – Timanfaya National Park seems to have restrictions on access? Do you know if you can walk up the mountains in Lanzarote or do you need a permit/guide/something? We wanted to walk them, but the impression we were given was that it was very restricted access through the National Park. Your pics have made me consider Tenerife and some decent walking for our next holiday.

  4. Wow, what a place…. I’ll probably be in Tenerife next October. Can’t wait to see with my eyes that beautiful landscape. Thanks for sharing with us 🙂

    1. Paul Steele says:

      thank you.. you will truly love it 🙂

  5. light, natural, colors and blue sky are create your story 😉 love it

  6. Stuart Fyvie says:

    Hi Paul, I’m heading to Tenerife early july and planning to climb el teide. I’ve been scouring the net for tips….I know it’s all down to personal requirements and the weather at the time, but can you tell me how much water you took with you/you think would be adequate. I read a blog suggesting 4 litres but sounds a bit light.

    Thanks v much


  7. Fantastic pics. have been to Teide twice, but never managed to climb up, mostly for the lack of company. now, seeing your pics, I wish I had. but in the mean time, your pics give the view…lovely work

  8. Super pix. It's always good to see blogs which show the less commercial side of Tenerife (choosing my words carefully there!). The island has so much to offer on several levels, and the scenery is just one. As you probably know, as well as these wild, barren landscapes there are lush forests in the north too. It really is an island with many contrasts. Next time you should climb overnight – that is stay in the "refugio" overnight and begin to climb the final part before dawn to see the sunrise. It's breathtaking.

  9. Ohhhh… I'm travelling down memory lane! Nice day hike, superb views, very windy. Love your photos

  10. Cathy Kennedy says:

    Great pics Paul and what a climb you had – really stunning views above the clouds – looks very peaceful ;-))

  11. Great photos. We lived in Tenerife for three years prior to moving to Paris, and climbing Teide was one of the things I 'needed' to do before we left. It truly was/is a remarkable thing to do. Part of me stayed behind in Tenerife, not wanting to leave. Such a beautiful island to discover.

  12. @cinnamon_carter says:

    What magic !! You are not only one of the most exciting people on twitter you are exciting in real life as you travel everywhere to lovely places !! The photos are really nice too but I imagine being there was something that is not easily captured / instead experienced. Big Hug from me !!

  13. Can you see inside the volcano from the summit?

  14. Joe Cawley says:

    Great pics Paul. It really is an outstanding place, quite different to anywhere else on the planet! Thanks for sharing.

  15. Turismo de Tenerife says:

    Hi Paul:
    Many thanks for share your experiences in our island. It's a wonderful article, such as the rest of them about Tenerife.
    Thanks again and regards from the Tourism Board responsible of managing tourism on the island.

  16. @yumivore says:

    Wild and challenging terrain, quite a feat! I could almost feel the air from your photos. Looks like it was a rewarding adventure!

  17. Gina SuuperG Stark says:

    Wow Paul! It looks wild and wonderful – and the weather suupreme! Great shot of the little beastie! Is that a bat during daylight? Love it. My mom works with rehabilitating bats and I've always found them fascinating and so under-appreciated. You are such a great get-out-there-and-do-it-er 🙂 and I feel lucky we have you to share these tales with us and to entice us to follow you! Cheers and happy awesome travels my friend! xo G

  18. Heather in Lapland says:

    Fantastic, looks like a really rewarding climb but tough going. I don't know why but I was surprised at how arid it is.

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