Sunrises and sunsets of Newfoundland

Dawning a new day surrounded by nature, can be one of the most pleasurable things a person can do. The quietness. The serenity. The peacefulness. The early morning rise may not be the easiest, but once you see the beauty, your senses will awaken.

sunset005 Sunrises and sunsets of Newfoundland

In Newfoundland, Canada we experience a lot of colorful shows. The sunrises are intense and the sunsets are just as vibrant. Personally, I enjoy the sunrises more. Most of the world is asleep as you witness what Mother Nature has to offer. There is a saying:  Red sky in the morning, Sailors take warning. When you know that there is a storm moving in later in the day, there is a good chance the sunrise will be a good one. Notice how I said chance!  Mother Nature is unpredictable.  You might be expecting a show and only get a short glimpse of color. That is the chance you need to take. But, as long as there is clear sky, you will always have something to shoot.

sunrise008 Sunrises and sunsets of Newfoundland

sunset002 Sunrises and sunsets of Newfoundland

My favorite location is the Exploits River that flows through the town of Grand Falls-Windsor. The water always offers up something. The abundance of water fowl always ensures a shot of something besides the sunrise. The quiet of the early morning soon comes alive with the birds singing, the loons calling or even (if you are really lucky) the family of Eagles soaring searching for food. The beavers may make an appearance as they awake in search of a morning meal.

sunset003 Sunrises and sunsets of Newfoundland

sunset006 Sunrises and sunsets of Newfoundland

The coastal waters, the hiking trails, and the vista views; all have to offer a beautiful display of nature’s kaleidoscope.

Either way, grab a coffee and enjoy the view with me.

sunset001 Sunrises and sunsets of Newfoundland

Written by Tina Dean

Tina is an avid hiker and nature enthusiast. Living in picturesque Newfoundland, CANADA, her adventures take her through thick forests, along fast flowing rivers, and next to crashing ocean waves always with the chance of photographing the majestic wildlife of the area. Her passion for nature has brought forward a fire for photography.

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