Strbske Pleso - Glacial Lake of The High Tatras, Slovakia

Štrbské Pleso, a beautiful glacial lake in the High Tatras mountains of Slovakia. A place that kept coming up on my research before my trip to Slovakia.

It was then a perfect place to start my days of adventure here. Time to take a walk around the edges of it and soak up some Slovakian views, take in some mountain air and dream of the walks ahead.

Strbske Pleso and Tatras mountains reflected

Of course, Strbske Pleso is not technically a lake but a tarn. At around just over 2 km around it is a perfect place to get up in the middle of the mountains, below the high ones, for many standards and walk around it on the trail. The paths are kept extremely well and whatever season you visit in there is something of interest to all.

As it was on the way to the lodge from the airport we drove up there for our own initial taste of the High Tatras Mountains, in fact we enjoyed the lake so much we went back on the way to the airport on return 🙂

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still water of Strbske Pleso

It is fed by underground springs and the water drains out also underground. No rivers flow in or out of here so all seems very calm all the way around. We were also privileged to be here on the turn of Autumn.

The sun was shining and the wind was low. Perfect for reflections upon reflections. I could not put my camera down to be honest.

The lake is a tourism spot for a whole range of visitors and throughout the whole year, but, not in a crazy busy kind of sense. There are no masses of people and the calm of the lake was evident all the way around.

Every now and then there are signs of how the place was built up a little around it. Wooden lodge restaurants, all looking so inviting. Culminating in the Grand Hotel Kempinski that quietly adds to the grandeur of the place without spoiling it in a way that many places we know can be.

Grand Hotel Kempinski

In images above you can also see signs of a perfect spot for Winter adventures. The old Ski Jump stands above the trees. In Winter, this area comes into its own. Langlauf tracks appear all around the lake and as the water is frozen, deep, for much of the winter there is skating and ice adventure to be had for the whole family.

Looking up from the lake you can see chair lifts going in numerous directions. Yes, a great area for alpine skiing, and in the warmer months a way to get hiking in the High Tatras, as you will see in another post.

boats by the water edge

Winter gives way to warm Summers, the ski boots come off and walkers both casual and extreme come to the fore. I could not wait to set foot on the many, many hiking trails around here.

For those wanting some other form of adventure or relaxation there is the opportunity to hire boats and as I say, relax in the few eateries overlooking the lake.

There is one other thing Štrbské Pleso is noted for, and was a part of the growth in the area. Spas and Spa Healing. If you love to treat yourself to a relaxing spa then there are surely no better spots than looking out over these reflections with the mountains rising up behind.

seat sculpture wooden beavers

Walking around here was a true pleasure, and absolutely lived up to expectation and beyond. I saw quite a few dog walkers here and of course it is perfect for walking the canines. The dogs loved it, happy faces all round.

Grand Hotel Kempinski with a dog

Yes, Strbske Pleso certainly wet my appetite to get on those hikes and mountain walks. A place to relax, eat, smell the air, enjoy the views, and plan your adventures. A window to the beauty of Slovakia.

Now then, let’s get walking.

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  1. Totally beautiful!!! Stunning photos.

    1. Paul Steele says:

      Thank you so much.. It is a beautiful part of the world for photos 🙂

      1. Would love to see some of these less popular holiday destinations. Gorgeous place and photos thanks for sharing. How did you get there? All independent planning?

        1. Paul Steele says:

          Hi, thank you. Yes Wizz air fly a cheap flight from Luton in UK

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