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A week of adventure in Slovakia had begun, but first it was time to head to our accommodation.

A luxury lodge nestled beneath the splendid mountains of the High Tatras. Amongst the trees and secluded, this was going to be a perfect base for relaxing and exploring after a day walking the trails.

inside the cabin lodge luxury

Located near the peaceful village of Pribylina this lodge made of solid wood is secluded away in paradise. The High Tatras rise up behind, surrounded by trees of many kind including great pines. And a river runs across the front of the grounds, adding to the fairy-tale like charm. never mind exploring, sitting on the decking amongst this nature was all the escapism I needed in this moment.

lodge Pribylina

You will also see from these photos that this lodge has been built with every detail thought of. The wood inside gives a huge sense of warmth yet the open plan gives a huge sense of space. It is a large lodge but two people staying here would never feel lost in it, quite the contrary, the place oozes comfort and relaxation. With all the bedroom it can accommodate up to 10 people also with plenty of space.

Social Wellness Walks
big windows of the lodge

I had always wanted to explore the Tatra Mountains. They scream uniqueness and beauty to me. Over upcoming posts I will be showing you some of the adventures I got up to, both around the lodge and within the mountains and alpine meadows. First though I wanted to show a little of how beautiful a stay can be here, even before stepping outside. Believe me there is so much to do here I did not manage to get all done.

dining and kitchen area

Tatras Skies

Back to the Tatras Lodge, the sun’s rays were passing through the big windows and casting light and shadows throughout. And as you can see there is plenty of kitchen/dining area for groups large or small. Plus don’t forget you have that wonderful decking to sit out on. The sun rises and passes over the front in the mornings giving a glow on the wood, oh and yes some spectacular sunrises overhead.

sunset tatras near Pribylina

In the evenings we were grateful for some cloudless skies to sit under. There is virtually no big towns or ambient light to spoil the stargazing. The lodge lit up by the moon.

night sky stars tatras lodge

Tatras Lodge Comfort

I have told you earlier that there is room for up to 10 people. 3 double room plus a larger room that can accommodate up to 4 people. There are also 3 bathrooms. Maybe you would like a group escape to the wonders of Slovakia?

one of the bedrooms
living area

This part of Slovakia is a fine example of the extremes of seasons. The Summer is filled with hot sunny days and the Winter is a snowy wonderland. Imagine taking a day skiing or snow walking to get back to the warmth of a luxury wooden lodge.

If that is not enough, how about a sauna amongst the trees outside? Yes, it is damn lovely after a day walking too! 🙂

sauna in the forest

Local Things To Do

Of course it depends what you enjoy on a holiday like this. If like me you love to hike and walk then you will be in heaven! The High Tatras and the Low Tatras are packed with quiet walking trails full of history, jaw dropping sights and adventure. A few of the walks I will be showing over the next articles.

In Winter you could go skiing in the local mountains or even langlauf virtually out the front door. All seasons give way to perfect conditions for many adrenalin junkies. Mountain biking and water sports for example. If you want to relax there are spas or visits to local historical Slovak gems plus the quaint city of Liptovsky Mikulas is only a short distance away.

Believe me, this is no tourist honeypot. A chance to discover real Slovakia in your own time.

If you fancy any time away from the lodge to eat out there is a massive abundance of options near and far that serve local food and all the options you may want. Cabbage soup quickly became a favourite of mine. A proper meal in a bowl that is done traditionally and properly.

For families there is also Tatralandia Park, which is a water park beyond water parks! You are getting the idea, something for everyone and this list is not exhaustive.

kitchen table
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  1. Looks sooooooo nice! Very much a place that I’d consider staying in. Great photos.

    1. Paul Steele says:

      Hi Helen… It really is lovely and a wonderful country and area.. Highly recommended. Thank you

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