Stafford – Church Lane and The Soup Kitchen

I have shown you over previous posts just some of the historic and remarkable buildings of Stafford. But, for refreshment of mind together with refreshment of the taste buds you should head to Church Lane in the old quarter. Church Lane is literally off from St Mary’s Church.

church lane Stafford

This old lane is a deceptively quiet little spot. A thoroughfare to the shopping area for many or for people taking a touristic wander through town.  There is one other big reason people head to here though…. The Soup Kitchen.

serving area soup kitchen

The Soup Kitchen is quite possibly the best known eatery in Stafford, and with good reason. Hundreds of years old it dates back to the 16th Century and over time as needed to expand beyond very humble beginnings. Today it has seating for over 300 people, and from what I have seen, hardly a minute goes by in the day where it isn’t bustling with satisfied customers.

pots and mugs on display
seating area

From coffee to breakfast. From lunch to afternoon tea. The menu has something for whatever your needs are at that moment. I could see a whole mix of people from all ages enjoying their meals, which not only come at a reasonable price for being so well frequented, but the staff are incredible. Always smiling, very quick to help but not over intrusive whatsoever. Remarkable how they keep hundreds of people happy and relaxed with such a good ambience a flow about the pace.

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lemon meringue pie

Cake was the order of the day for me. Just had to be done after wandering the delights of Stafford. All the items are home made in the in-house bakery! I heard there was an outside balcony area, would have been rude not to pop up there for a coffee afterwards.

outside seating

If you are in Stafford and ready for something to eat, then head straight to The Soup Kitchen.. Hang on, now I sound like all those that told me to. They were not wrong. A perfect place to relax, wind down or escape off the town’s streets for a family treat together.

inside seating
old stove and fire

Refreshed, it was time to step out into the delight that is Church Lane. Left or right? New sights and adventures in Stafford ahead.

soup kitchen stafford sign
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