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Spring is here and time for a new walking and hiking season. Time for less of the woolly gear of winter hiking, but to always be ready as ever for the unpredictable British weather.

I was sent some outdoor kit to try out from RevolutionRace. I have always seen their clothing used by others in all terrains and temperatures. It was time to find out more about them myself.

walking in revolution race

The Company and Brand

RevolutionRace hails from Sweden. It was born in a way from when hiking kit was not always the most comfortable yet needed to be harder wearing. Plus to get away from looking like the same boring old styles and colours that outdoor clothing does tend to have a problem with.

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There is always a tendancy for hiking gear to be expensive to illustrate quality and RevolutionRace aims to get over that by producing quality, tested, hard wearing yet comfortable outdoor clothing at very reasonable prices for what you are getting.

Plus, as all the gear is from and tested in Sweden. You know it will work well in our environments

Cyclone Rescue Jacket

For me personally I like to have an all year round shell jacket. One that is light and yet practical. For the mountains I want a jacket that is also windproof, extremely waterproof but also breathable. Not too much to ask is it.

But many jackets I have tried have failed on at least one of those points and can make an outdoor adventure much less enjoyable and comfortable.

This jacket is now my go to jacket. It ticks every box on all the above and then also adds some features that I now love to have.

close up cyclone rescue jacket

Remember the company aims to have extreme quality and lower prices. Well they certainly do fantastically well in this jacket. In the outdoor world people believe Gore-Tex to be the law in waterproofing etc, but that is false and I have said this before with other kit. It is is just one of many systems that can work, but Gore-Tex is very overpriced.

What Revolution Race have done is gone in-house and developed their own Hypershell Pro fabric. And it works fantastically. I have tested this three layer system in all weathers on the Yorkshire hill tops and can say there is a high quality of waterproofing and windproofing.

The waterproof level is tested to 15,000 mm so give me a mountaintop storm I am ready.

As a shell jacket I have found the size I chose to be right first time and to be comfortable either on its own or with a mid layer on in colder days.

It is full of features too that are well thought out and some only found otherwise on high value brands.

A storm collar with vented faceguard that for day to day does not intrude when collar open but protects excellently when zipped up.

Pockets for everything including a ski pass pocket. The normal pockets are extremely deep and well positioned and thought out. There is also a chest pocket and inner pocket for those that like them.

Reinforced visor in the hood as well as the hood being compatible with wearing a helmet.

Elastic waist tightener, velcro wrist tighteners, and recco reflectors for safety. The list goes on.

For colour you can go all out in a whole range, not olive as I did. Go Yellow, go bright green, go sharkskin. There are 9 colours to choose from.

revolution race waterproof jacket

GPX Pro Trousers

Choosing trousers for my outdoor walking is where I can get really fussy. I don’t like feeling restricted or uncomfortable at all with what I am wearing as it can take my mind too far away from enjoying the walks themselves.

revolution race reinforced trousers

These trousers are great for me because they are so multifunctional. Mountain trekking, hill walking, dog walking or even an evening stroll. The GPX Pro suits all uses.

I find them really comfortably snug but not too tight which is something that many brands can’t do without being uncomfortable at some point from waist to ankle. Saves me just getting loose fit ‘just because’.

The moment you feel them you can tell they will be very hardwearing. Yet they only why around 500g.

They are reinforced in all the areas you want. The knees, the seat area and the ankles.

revolution race trousers

The knees are pre bent too so there is no restriction on climbing uphill etc.

There are hidden features I am finding all the time like the boot lace hook inside the ankle area to keep all in position when you want it.

With thigh ventilation zips, being wind and water repellant, having pockets galore like one on the thigh too.

These trousers are great for rocky climbs to the morning dog walk no problem.

hiking with dogs


If you are interested in these items or checking out the whole range you will find lots on their website at Revolution Race. I shall be getting more of their kit I can tell you.

But, now, it is time time to don the clothes and get outside into the great outdoors. See you out there.

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