A Vibrant Stay at Generator Hostel Barcelona 1

Yes, it was a flight across from Venice to Barcelona next. Not at all a bad 2 places to be in one day as you can imagine. Just one train and 2 metro stops from the airport and we were in the heart of Barcelona and checking in at the next Generator Hostel of this whirlwind tour of Europe.

the outside at night Generator Hostel Barcelona

Generator Hostel Barcelona was perfectly situated for a visit of any type to this city. For metro stops you could choose either Diagonal or Verdaguer as it lies right between the two.

It was a charm to be back in the block by block system of navigating on foot. Before exploring the neighbourhood and treats in the immediate surroundings it was of course the first job to check out more of the colourful and tasteful offerings inside.

reception at Generator Hostel Barcelona
colourful signage

As predicted, in line with all the other hostels so far around Europe the whole makeup of the place had the super modern quirky internal design features yet made in its own way. Orange yes lots of orange was the order of the day in this one. Refreshing and bright, bout right for Barcelona.

Social Wellness Walks
glass bar at Generator Hostel Barcelona
unique decor orange

As a travel tweeter and blogger I must say the Generator Hostels are a dream come true. They know what people want and their demographic want. Each one has free wifi from top to bottom, from room to bar.

Great for those wanting to catch up between partying or sightseeing. Barcelona is huge of course and so much to see. Time to drop the bags in the room and head to the bar for a drink…. or three.

colourful doors to the rooms
bar area Generator Hostel Barcelona

Stepping into the bar was like stepping into another world! Lamps, mainly orange of course, covered the ceiling all the way through.

No it wasn’t tacky it was quite remarkable actually. Tapas on the go, beer, Sangria, Mojitos flowing. A nice party atmosphere was flowing around too.

People of all ages and background enjoying early drinks before the fiesta. More and more you do appreciate that Generator Hostels really are between a hostel in the traditional since and a hotel.

The staff are buzzing with natural happiness and the warmth outside keeping the good vibes going further, an excellent base to explore an excellent European city.

orange lights
seating area generator hostel barcelona

The morning greets you with a huge array at the continental breakfast. Be it recovery from a Barcelona night out or setting the body up for a new day of exploring you can’t go wrong.

Why there is the munchie machine too if peckish in the middle of the night. For us it was a flying visit of course and sadly only a few hours to explore the vicinity. The beauty of this hostel is that you can get to anywhere very quickly.

With the metro so close you can be sat on the beach at La Playa in about 15 minutes only. Or you could take some time to marvel at some great local goings on and architecture at the La Sagrada Familia.

antique bike
signs of where to go on the walls
logo sign at Generator Hostel Barcelona

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  1. Jackie de Burca says:

    Hi Paul,
    Great post, thanks – I haven’t stayed there yet, but I most likely will the next time I go to Barcelona. The fab funky photos, your description of the vibe and how well Generator know their target market is wonderful.

    Let’s hope they continue to make their mark in other cities as well. 🙂

    Cheers, or should I say Salud!!


    1. Paul Steele says:

      Hi Jackie,

      I stayed in 6 of them throughout Europe in one week.. was great!

  2. Mark Benson says:

    The place is so spectacular to stay at! Lovely Pictures Paul. Enjoy 🙂

    1. Paul Steele says:

      Thank you Mark 🙂

      1. Mark Benson says:

        Your most welcome Paul.

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