Jersey's Rozel Bay and Château La Chaire

I have had one of the most calming ‘wind down’ experiences this last couple of days. Where? Tucked away in the North East corner of Jersey in the Channel Islands. My base was the country hotel Château La Chaire and from the moment I first stepped in the door I was met with style, luxury and first class service that made the perfect start to 2 days of peaceful, beautiful exploring.

outside Château La Chaire

This corner of Jersey took out all the hustle and bustle from my life and became an escape I shall not forget. Even within a couple minutes walk of the hotel I had visual treats and calm adventure with the sand and shingle of Rozel Bay, the charming small village of Rozel itself or either side the clifftop walks giving superb views across to France or even the other Channel Islands. Remarkable.

Jersey's Rozel Bay
beach view
overlooking Rozel Bay

In fact on the grounds of the hotel itself you can climb the steps up through the old famous garden for a great sea view. These gardens are the remains of a former huge subtropical garden built by the great botanist Samuel Curtis in the 1800s.

in the gardens
hotel pathway

Green Lanes, beautiful ancient woods, iron age history and forts. No mad crowds, not many cars. It is hard to believe you can always find somewhere stunning but yet be alone with yourself. Lovely.

BaldHiker Retreats

Wandering throughout the day worked up a marvellous appetite but always a first class dinner awaits back at the hotel. I do not often talk about food and service but this time I really just have to because frankly they became a huge treat on their own and looked forward to enormously. The menu makes choice hard and the five courses are each perfectly fresh, cooked, presented, and portioned. Not one thing from service to final drink had a single fault and I gained the feeling every guest there felt the same.

Or even an afternoon cream tea on the terrace. Fresh Jersey Cream! Yummy indeed!

outside dining
scones and cream afternoon tea

When I want to wind down in peaceful beautiful luxury I know exactly where I will be back to. Plus I now would like to try other hotels in the Hatton Collection. I have the taste.

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  1. Sue Wintersgill says:

    You were quite right to highlight this wonderful place to stay. I’ve stayed there a couple of times and each time was absolutely exceptional. The greatest treat I think has to be tea on the terrace – more perfect than tea at the Ritz, with fabulous food and such perfect surroundings its the ideal ‘relax et vous’ wind down time.

  2. You are envied the experience… lovely-looking place!

    1. Paul Steele says:

      It is truly a great escape.. ty 🙂

    1. Paul Steele says:

      Hi joanna.. Yes it is.. so peaceful in that hidden corner 🙂

  3. susan 30AEATS says:

    A Lovely piece, and very enjoyable read. Made me feel as though I need to plan a trip ASAP! Gorgeous!

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