reflections of mountains in fjord

Driving through Norway during Winter is a sight to behold. A land of mountains, fjords, trees and ice. I have travelled through this country twice during the cold dark months and even by the end of the second trip I was still being struck by awe.

Mountains for a start of course is a subject very close to my heart and passions plus the beauty of the fjords is something that I have dreamt of seeing. Of course I was constantly aching to get out and hike in every direction but as I travelled through it was a time to take it all in.

Norway - Mountains and Fjords

Norway - Mountains and Fjords

First came the drive over the mountains as we headed West. It is pure winter here and looking at all the snow, height and totally wild and open space, all I wanted to do was put on my boots, pick up my backpack and walk. Every bend we took brought new sights above and below. It is so hard to explain how great it all looked. One of those occasions that you need to be there to get what I mean.

Norway - Mountains and Fjords

Norway - Mountains and Fjords

Suddenly we entered through the 22 km long Lærdal tunnel that cuts through the rest of the mountains and brings us out at our first destination….  Flåm. A little place we are well advised is very full with tourists in the summer but on a cold winters day we seemed to have the pleasure of it to ourselves. It is famous for the railway that comes through the mountains to the water’s edge here. A pretty little place.

Even better when we were treated to beer tasting in the brewery. Always a bonus!

Norway - Mountains and Fjords

I was looking forward to getting aboard the ferry and out onto the fjord. From here we took an excursion on the icy water of Aurlandsfjord.

Incredible. Absolutely stunning. All pictures I had seen of the fjords in the past were in full summer with green summer. However we were treated to a black and white winter wonderland with blue skies, clear still water, ice waterfalls, and snowy frozen rock faces. To be there simply made me speechless. We even got a glimpse of a seal swimming in the icy water beside us.

Norway - Mountains and Fjords

Norway - Mountains and Fjords

Aurlandsfjord was an incredible place to be in the world. Even though on a boat with others you could sense the quiet except for the ice cracking. The dark winter day amplified as the mountains went straight up surrounding the water. Giving it a huge cathedral feel. This fjord is technically an arm of the greater Sognefjord, The deepest and longest fjord in Norway. It is 127 miles long and 1308 m deep! That is deeper than what England’s highest mountain is high!

Norway - Mountains and Fjords

My visual appetite is well and truly being treated here and today has been special for that. We had now arrived in Voss for an overnight stay and then onto the slopes for alpine downhill skiing. lets hope I can stay upright longer than I did with the cross country.

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  1. Avatar of David Coulson-Lowes David Coulson-Lowes says:

    Arctic Norway – best mountains in the world!

    Spent 6 weeks North of Tromso climbing and x-country skiing. The beer at Mack brewery capped it all off.

  2. Avatar of Danny Selvag Danny Selvag says:

    Very nice photos indeed. I was there when I was a kid, but can’t remember anything of it. Going back next year 🙂

  3. Amazing photos of the Fjords Paul and great site by the way.
    I’ve been playing with the idea to visit them myself lately but you just convinced me to plan a trip.

    Thank you and keep at it.

    1. Avatar of Paul Steele Paul Steele says:

      go for it, a magical place to be

  4. Avatar of Ken Queenie Ken Queenie says:

    Awesome! The pictures penetrates as much as the words. It’s as if you are there. Brrr, I can feel the freezing cold penetrating my bones! Funtastic pics.

    1. Avatar of Paul Steele Paul Steele says:

      Thanks Ken. Tis cold up there but the experience takes over that feeling 🙂

  5. Avatar of LaurelFaye LaurelFaye says:

    Love these pics! :0)

  6. Love your photos Paul we were in Tysfjord 06/07 chasing killer whales. Your photos have brought all those memories back and how cold it was too !!! REALLY COLD !!! Thanks

  7. Stunning pics of a breathtaking country. I have looked upon some of those same sights & remember being in awe! Made me understand why so many Norwegians settled in the Pacific NW…. they look so similar in so many ways.

  8. Those are some beautiful photos. I love the reflection in the first one. Makes me want to jump in, although I doubt that would be a good idea!

  9. Wow. This is a stunning collection of photos and to think you had it to yourselves is just brilliant!

    Thanks for bringing us along. Beautiful.

  10. Paul these images are AMAZING! I love Norway, went several times as a child and now after looking at your images I want to go back! Have fun tomorrow skiing x

  11. Avatar of Rudolf Vlcek Rudolf Vlcek says:

    beautiful sceneries!

  12. Avatar of Jofranciszek Jofranciszek says:

    Amazing pictures. At the same time it looks so coooollllddddd 😉

  13. Avatar of AnglaFaith AnglaFaith says:

    This is absolutely gorgeous photography. Thank you for sharing!

  14. Avatar of Sarah Lee Sarah Lee says:

    Wow, some spectacular photos here Paul. Look forward to seeing more from Norway.

  15. Avatar of @TifPersoons @TifPersoons says:

    Looks really stunning. Great pics Paul! Have fun there. x

  16. Avatar of Liane Scior Liane Scior says:

    These are spectacular shots, what an incredible place to be, thank you so much for sharing

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