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The Durham Dales, a wonderful area to visit for walking. Even better when it is truly so dog friendly. So, it was time for Bea and I to head up there and get a couple of days of great fresh air and scenery. What better place to start, than in Teesdale, a beautiful walk taking in Low Force and High Force.

low force waterfall and dog

Whatever season you walk the area, it is remarkable. The falls look spectacular whether after lots of rain or after a dry spell. The rover and dale surrounding is a joy to wander. Bea loved every minute of it as you can see a glimpse here…

The place to start for me? Bowlees Visitor Centre. A wonderful building full of great food and drink, lots of information on the whole area and importantly staff that absolutely love sharing their plentiful knowledge! I found so much extra to do just from my short visit there. 

outside of bowlees visitor centre

Then onto the waterfalls walk itself. There are so many variations that could take into consideration all levels of walking standard. From a 5/6 mile circular taking in some extra of the valley too.. all the way to parking not far from each waterfall and wandering to either. For me? It was time for fresh air, a good stretch of the legs with Bea.

Social Wellness Walks
dog on the waterfall walk

From the visitor centre it is a very short walk to Low Force. It is a great place when quiet to sit and enjoy. From there you cross a bridge and walk the mile or 2 up to view overlooking the magnificent High Force. Or/as well you can cross over and go up and down the other side to view High Force from below. Why not take it all in.

high force waterfall

These falls are unforgettable to all who have seen them I can truly imagine. It is well known as one of the most spectacular waterfalls in England. High Force drops 21 metres in a remarkable setting that is worth the walk to see.

The walks around and up to it adds to the experience, it really does. So much variety, so much to see, so much to take in and enjoy.

looking down the river tees
low force from the side

The Durham Dales are so much more than these falls too. If you want to see something special then come here on a clear night for some amazing stargazing.

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