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It was day 2 of the Durham adventure for Bea and I. We had spent the day wandering in the beautiful Durham Dales. Now it was time to head to the coast for a walk I had heard so many great things about. And they were far from wrong 🙂

It is hard to believe when you see it, that not so long ago at all it was one big industrial area. Mine after mine after mine, all with their own big history I must admit. Today it is all cleaned up, nature has taken back over and you can literally walk for miles along the very edge next to the sea. It has become truly one of my favourite coastal walks. Bea loved it too!

Walk Along The Durham Heritage Coast 2

Again this is one of those walks that can take in all standards. It is along cliff tops but there are virtually no ups and downs. Plus instead of doing all 11 miles or more at once you can break it up and enjoy even more. The part I did on this day? Easington Colliery to Seaham. A beautiful stretch with wide open views to the sea, great beaches for Bea to run on and plenty of points of interests.

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Walk Along The Durham Heritage Coast 3

From the car park you headstraight to the cliff tops, and by the sea you shall stay. There is still plenty of variety from wide long beaches, woodlands, spectacular viewpoints and much more. In fact I did fing myself stopping to look around in wonder a lot. Plenty to savour. Take the beach above. Was so quiet apart from the sea lapping on the shore. This is Blast Beach! Bea and I ran and walked and sat along it. All our worries far away. Doesn’t look shabby at all from above does it? Film buffs amongst you may know this was the beach used to film the landing at the beginning of Alien 3.


I could get the sense that this was one of those walks that I must do in every season and all weather conditions at some point. The changes of colour, the abundance of wildlife and the changing of the sea. I really did enjoy it in many ways.


Towards the end of my trail for the day I could see Seaham, my destination in the distance and I was sat on a bench looking out from Nose’s point, a huge view from a historical spot. This was the one area only I came across other people. That tells you something about how calm and undisturbed it is.. I am sure it will only get busier but that means more are enjoying what I did.

Alas we arrived at Seaham and the historic harbour. Time for a brew with a view 🙂 I will be back!


You can find out much more about the coastal walks and all things to do outdoors in the area on the Visit Durham Website.

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