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A big woofin hello! Welcome to a new category here on BaldHiker, Bea’s world! A lot of you have been asking so many questions about me on Twitter and Facebook etc I thought it was about time I told you a bit more about myself and the fun and lazy times I have with Baldy and Friends.

Hello, I'm Bea The Lurcher 2

At the time of this article I am still a bouncy and very curious little 6 months old. A lanky long legged bundle of joy. Oh yes I still have lots more growing to do. What breed I hear you ask? Well, the best way to explain is to say I am a Lurcher. The pedants amongst us will say a Lurcher is a cross between a sighthound and a non sighthound eg a collie or terrier. Myself, Bea, I am half Deerhound, quarter Greyhound and quarter Saluki. That is 3 sighthounds so you could say technically I am a Longdog!


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I may be young but I am already 23 inches (58 cm) to the shoulder. I will keep growing upwards until maybe approximately 12 months then fill out for another few months, a little. From comments around the world on social media I have gathered that lurchers aren’t a common thing in some corners of the earth at all. I am not underfed or too skinny, I am a slim super running machine! Built through history to chase and catch. Rabbits, deer, foxes etc, Us sighthounds have speed…. and lurchers have helped bring other qualities from other types of dog into that.

Bea-3- lurcher

Bea- lurcher

My mix? Well a greyhound can reach well over 40 miles per hour for up to around 800 metres, one measured at over 50! The Saluki is officially the fastest over distance doing over 40 mph with stamina… Baldy has some fitness to work on to keep up with me, especially if I don’t bulk massive with my Deerhound half 😉

Bea-12- lurcher

As a pet I couldn’t be better. Outside I am alert and on the move, indoors I am one lazy sod! Give me a sofa, bed or soft carpet and I will sleep and laze for hours. Temperament wise I could not be any softer, in fact lurchers are known to be one of the best temperament dogs. The only reason you may see some always on leads or with a muzzle is because they may have their instinct in them to chase little furry things or they may be a rescued racer.

Bea-2- lurcher

Bea-10- lurcher

Me? Well as a puppy I am in intense training now to get as much of that ‘must chase’ instinct out of me as possible. It can be done, contrary to popular belief, just hope Baldy has the patience. I am very exciteable and social, I have to say hello to absolutely everyone and everything. Living on a farm I am getting good social conditioning. Sheep, cows and Blade the old farm dog all getting my respect and a wave of the ears.

Bea-14- lurcher

Bea-5- lurcher

I have one big vice…. I do love things like soft cuddly toys and slippers, well love them as in throw them around and terrorize them. Fun! erm……

Bea-9- lurcher

But the teddy that was bought to concentrate that tearing eagerness is not for throwing… but cuddling to sleep!

Bea-15- lurcher

As I grow and learn I will be keeping you updated here as to what I have been up to… My world through my eyes. Fun, runs, and sights galore. Where shall I go next? Straight ahead, let’s go!

Bea-13- lurcher

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