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Oranges ‘The State Fruit of Florida’ – Photo by Driek

Hey guys, seeing as the weather has finally turned we are all eating more cool, fresh, summer foods so here are some tips on picking the freshest produce when you go to your supermarket.

Remember to look out for four main things when selecting your fresh food; Colour, Weight, Firmness and Fragrance. If the fruit or veg is nice and bright it’s fresh. Produce that is dull or has a whitish sheen is usually old or not as fresh.

Top Tip:

Pick cherries with green stems, it means they’re fresh off the tree.

cherries on tree

Fruit and veg that is heavy is always fresher. Take two pieces and weigh them up in each hand, the heavier one is the fresher one. Produce must be firm but not hard, these will stay fresher for longer. 

Lastly, if the fruit or veg has a nice fragrant aroma, it is nice and fresh and will have the best taste.

Replacement ingredient tip:

Worcestershire sauce instead of fish sauce in south east Asian dishes. Worcestershire sauce is actually made from anchovies soaked in vinegar over time, and so has a similar flavour.

Healthy eating tip:

Use left over chicken or turkey in a tortilla with red and green peppers and lettuce, and top with a dressing of  fat free sour cream and a squeeze of lemon or lime, for a healthy and satisfying lunch alternative.

leftover chicken alternative lunch

Kids food tip:

Try using a mini cookie cutter to cut apples, pears, pineapples, mangos and other fruit into fun shapes for kids lunch and picnic boxes. A fun way to get their five-a-day.

Cost-saving tip:

Use up older fruit by cutting the bruises off apples and adding them to your sausage dishes for a great flavour.

mashed banana drink

Mash up old bananas with a drizzle of low-fat cream for a great kids dessert, or puree the rest of those apples and add to the bananas for baby food.

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