Gambia – A Visit to Mason Nursery School

I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to visit the local nursery school when I was staying at the Mandina Lodges.

school road gambia Makasutu Forest

My guide Mamadi and I walked for 20 minutes or so through the Makasutu Forest to get to Christopher Mason Nursery School. It is situated in Bafuloto.

children in class

The teachers and children were delighted to see us and didn’t seem to mind the slight disruption to the school day.

happy child

The parents pay for the kids to go to school and these fees pay for the teacher’s salaries. They don’t have enough funding for books, pens and free school meals.

Social Wellness Walks

Sometimes they get donations from visitors to buy school materials or rice for the kids. I was delighted to be able to help and give what I could.

wall of Mason Nursery School

Mason Nursery School is also helped a lot by the Gambian Schools Project. They help to pay for the teachers and have even helped to build a 2 classroom building.

class pose gambia

It is great to hear that since then it has grown from just over 30 pupils to well over 100. More education for the local children.

group lessons

It is also planned to build a well and provide solar energy for lighting and electricity.

There are many people in my own country doing wonderful charitable events and challenges in aid of the school. A quick look on justgiving etc shows how much the needs of this school and the local children has captured more than my heart.

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  1. Raul (@ilivetotravel) says:

    I have been lucky to visit schools in remote areas of Peru and Tanzania. It is always neat to see different school environments. The school children are always happy to see a visitor!

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