Gambia – A Village Kumpo Dance

A Kumpo is a mythical figure of the Jola people of Gambia and Senegal. A ‘Kumpo’ is the centre of the action at a village celebration. He is dressed in palm leaves and has a stick coming out of the top of his head and he dances! At the climax of the dancing the Kumpo spins around and around to put out a fire.

This Kumpo dance was held in the village of Kanuma, Gambia and was held in celebration of the “Light Up the Village Project” sponsored by The Gambia Experience.

Gambia_20130427_00330 Gambia – A Village Kumpo Dance

Gambia_20130427_00287 Gambia – A Village Kumpo Dance

Gambia_20130427_00119 Gambia – A Village Kumpo Dance

Gambia_20130427_00313 Gambia – A Village Kumpo Dance

There is not much more I can say about this one – the video below says it all – my favourite is the lady in the red trousers – what a dancer!

Gambia_20130427_00254 Gambia – A Village Kumpo Dance

Gambia_20130427_00302 Gambia – A Village Kumpo Dance

Gambia_20130427_00180 Gambia – A Village Kumpo Dance

Written by Tom Warburton

Long, long ago (back in analogue days) he travelled the world extensively including a two year around the world trip. He is now rediscovering the world with a digital camera. He originally trained as an ecologist and is particularly interested in environmental and wildlife issues.


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  1. That would be an amazing experience. One that I’m sure you could over and over again. Beautiful photographs of the dance.

  2. ‘We’ loved looking at these Tom – wonderful pictures and video 🙂 Kate

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