South Africa – A Zulu Village Dance

I have been lucky enough to travel to South Africa on a recent school trip. It took two years of fundraising by all the young people and their parents to gather enough money to give 36 fourteen to fifteen year old students this amazing experience.

SA-Dance-Blog-1-zulu South Africa – A Zulu Village Dance

SA-Dance-Blog-2-zulu South Africa – A Zulu Village Dance

It wasn’t just a holiday, we were also there to learn about the culture and compare children growing up in South Africa to children like us, growing up in the UK. We visited the area around Durban which is in the Zulu part of South Africa. We also had the opportunity to go into schools and orphanages to compare their lives to ours. We got to chat, play games and just get to know a lot of different people coming from hard backgrounds.

SA-Dance-Blog-4-zulu South Africa – A Zulu Village Dance

Within the two weeks we were out there we had visited a lot of different places in and around Durban. One of them places was a traditional Zulu village. We all sat in a very large open top hut and they put on a show for us. They showed us how two Zulu citizens would get married and they sang and danced for us. I managed to get a few decent shots of the dancing.

SA-Dance-Blog-3-zulu South Africa – A Zulu Village Dance

The dancers were dancing to a loud drum beat and sometimes they contributed to the music by shouting in Zulu. In some of the photos you can see the male dancers had short spear type things and shields whilst the female dancers wore colourful hats.

SA-Dance-Blog-7-zulu South Africa – A Zulu Village Dance

SA-Dance-Blog-6-zulu South Africa – A Zulu Village Dance

I hope the pictures below give you an idea of that particular day trip.

Jess aged 14.

Written by Jess Warburton

Jess is our new recruit to the Bald Hiker website site. She is our blogger Tom Warburton's 14 year old daughter. Jess has already travelled quite extensively having been to Malaysia, Canada, France and Italy with her family. Going to South Africa was her first independent trip.


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  1. Thank you for sending me the photos of that special day trip in South Africa. It is superb photography of a very interesting experience. The costumes are lovely.

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