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Rossall Point is a place I have been frequenting a lot recently. Dog training for the puppy is well underway and this wonderful stretch of the British Coast is perfect for dog walks, fresh air, sea views and great views.

mist over Rossall Point

What surprises me is how quiet it can be. When the tide is out the sand runs for miles and miles. During the week you get the odd dog walker for sure. But as it is well away from Blackpool to the South and away from Fleetwood itself around the corner, it is a lovely bit of coast for some escapism.

The beaches here are absolutely dog friendly so Malc, my border collie and I have been using it for plenty of recall training etc whilst getting some sea air at the same time.

dog on beach at Rossall
Paul steele and puppy malc on the beach

Fleetwood, as you may know is on a peninsular of land, The Fylde. Rossall Point is at the corner where the coast heads South towards Cleveleys and Blackpool etc. Towards that way the promenades begin etc but here at Rossall Point it is a lot more natural.

BaldHiker Retreats

Only a small wall as a sea defence in front of a narrow small stretch of dunes that add natural variety to any walk here. Even more so when the tide is in.

Rossall point tower and border collie

Morecambe Bay begins here actually, hence the huge shift in tide from in to out. So be careful if venturing too far and keep an eye on the timings for the tide. It also makes this area around Rossall point and the Wyre Estuary a great place to spot a rich variety of wildlife. From wading brds, sanderlings and more. The tides bring in so much over such a vast area.

looking out to sea
sunset over the sands of rossall point lancashire

Look across the water and if not cloudy you get a great view to the southern end of the Lake District with the fells of course plus Barrow in Furness etc. I can be inspired for hikes and climbs without actually being there. When the puppy is stronger I shall be on many of those hills and mountains again for sure.

rossall point watch tower from the beach with a dog

There is one landmark here at Rossall Point, The Watchtower. It can’t be missed standing 42 feet out of the dunes. The structure was designed to give the impression it is leaning towards the sea and into the wind.

It is open to the public too! There are viewing platforms for bird watchers as well as volunteer coast watchers. An open roof as well. There are art galleries and interesting information on the ground floor plus from time to time they have events on.

view of rossall point to fleetwood from above

Head round the other corner North and you start heading towards Fleetwood itself. But before that, behind the dunes there is the model yacht pond and park area so children can enjoy lots more as well as sea, sand, dunes and wildlife.

puppy on the beach

Of course, Malc has so much space here to learn, run and socialise too. he gets so excited when he realises where we are when we park up here. The beach and the dunes here at Rossall Point have him in his element. I am positive he will be a beach dog as well as my hiking and fells companion.

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