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Don’t know about you, but I have always had a soft spot for treehouse adventures. Keep my eyes peeled for the possibility whenever practical.

Recently, after a long, dry spell, without sight, sound or sniff of a treehouse escape, two came along in short order. Like buses. 

Mind you, these two tree borne buildings could not have been more different if they tried. Not so much chalk and cheese, more, chalky cheddar and blue cheese with bells on. Allow me to explain.

Balcony at tree top escape

Seems like these days, treehouses on offer for staycations are swish and gorgeous places, popping with modern tech, loaded with luxurious features, more upmarket than most five star hotels. Which is a huge and lovely surprise to yours truly.

Social Wellness Walks

In the past, when I heard the word, “treehouse,” Would get a mental picture of a crusty old shed, nailed together from planks of old wood, hanging out halfway up a tree. But that’s not how it works any more. Nothing like!

These days, treehouses are the very last word in chic boutique living, blissful bathing or even, sleeping above the birds. In the case of Tree Tops Escape, turns out a treehouse can also be the perfect place to tie the knot in style.

A romantic rendezvous where couples can get married in a magical, memory making wonderland. High above the hustle and rustle of the tree tops fluttering far below.

Getting There

The property is perched on the side of a beautiful wooded valley, deep in the rural heart of North Devon, in a patch apparently known to locals as, the golden triangle.

It’s inland from coastal Bideford, just south of Umberleigh and is an absolute joy to motor through. With more hills and folds, nips and tucks, than a bag full of fun size Toblerones. Delivering more smiles per miles than feels entirely decent or proper. In short, it’s pretty round those parts. Very much so.

the master bedrrom at tree top escape devon

Tree Top Escape

To get to the place itself, you leave a tiny road, go through a gate, make your way uphill along a crunchy gravel track, head through wooded glades, passing soft mown verges and wildflower meadows along the way, waist deep in wondrous blooms. Before even parking up, I was grinning like a Cheshire cat in a cream factory.

Wherever I wandered, every single little detail was spot on. Each little piece of the place looked perfect. This private part of the world isn’t just well cared for. It is obviously loved, cherished and adored. Like a favourite child or much adored pet. 

Solar Panels

The Tree House

The treehouse itself is a wooden wonder, packed with modern gadgets and technology. A 21st century superstar. After opening the door with an electronic key, found myself in a cosy circular hallway with motion sensing lights, where it felt natural to remove your shoes before going into the open plan living area.

the living room at tree top escape

Once inside, it was impressive enough to take your breath away. I mean, literally. Whoosh, it’s gone. The entire interior is gobsmackingly great. For a start, the whole of one wall is glass. With sliding sections opening out onto the balcony. With a view that is, well, gobsmacking. Or, if you prefer, breathtaking. Either way, it really is very spectacular.

view from the treehouse

Swallows dip and swoop at eye level, fields rise and fall into the distance, below your feet, trees sway and move in the breeze. Makes you feel like a master (or mistress) of your very own, personal kingdom. With all of creation laid out before you.

All Singing, All Dancing

After spending some time taking in the view, went indoors to check out the rest of the accommodation. Don’t want to keep harping on here, but just like the outside, the inside was impressive in every single way. Even down to the tiniest little detail, everything has been thought through and delivered delightfully. 

Despite the room being enormous, full of over the top decorative twists and turns, it was also warm, cosy and snug. The leather sofas were gigantic, large enough to absorb an entire wedding party. Or two. And yet, they still made the most marvellous nest to snuggle up in.

bath in the bedroom

Looking around, realised that the whole interior feels like something out of a Bond film. Like a high budget, glamorous love nest, with gizmos to shake and stir the happiest of hearts, before they set off on who knows what sort of secret adventures. There’s hidden heating, mood lighting, curtains that open and close with the touch of a button, surround sound speakers, all sorts of high tech stuff scattered all over the place.  

The two bedrooms each enjoy the same stonking views, and have electric curtains. Meaning you can sit in bed in the morning, press a button and have the world revealed to you, as if awaiting your permission for proceedings to begin.

tree top escape bedroom interior

In short, the bedrooms are festivals to indulgence. Each with an elegant ensuite that would put most multimillion pound mansions to shame. The master bedroom even has one corner devoted to a deep, sculptural steel bath, strewn with rose petals. Just perfect for two to slip into and slide away, on a wave of bubbles and bubbly, bound for bliss and soapy satisfaction. 

Hot Tub Heaven

Talking of which, the balcony has one more treasure to offer up for its lucky guests. A hot tub. A huge great hub of happiness, a bubblicious bath where you can sit, sip from your (plastic) champagne flute glass and wonder why you can’t spend the rest of your life being spoilt like this.

Hot Tub

Another added bonus, is the weatherproofing aspect these views bring. Whilst I was there, the sun shone, the heavens opened, the winds blew. All in the space of half an hour. Didn’t matter what the weather did, didn’t affect the mood.

The views were still outrageously good. In fact, the changing conditions all added to the enjoyment. Turns out, there is nothing quite so lovely as sitting in a wonderfully warm hot tub, whilst raindrops keep falling on your head and your glass of fizz keeps getting refilled. Truly a taste of hot tub heaven on earth.

Strolling Around

Would be easy to stay in this palace on stilts throughout the whole of your stay. Enjoying the view from above. However, after a while, curiosity got the better of me. Decided to go for a mooch around the estate. Was well worth the effort. Outside the front door, there was a small and sunny garden. Picturesque, pretty and like everything else, immaculately maintained. 

A couple of steps away, there was a tardis. Seriously. A full size, dark blue, real life, solid as you like, tardis. Opening the front doors revealed the tiniest and most perfectly formed restroom I have ever seen. The good doctor would be delighted, I’m sure.


Following a nearby path led to a secluded clearing amongst the trees, with a circular wooden hut within its shade. The Grill Haus, which apparently can be hired, along with its very own chef, making it the perfect spot for dinners before or after a big day.

Wonderful Weddings 

Hardly a surprise that with a setting this superb, it is mainly used as a wedding venue. With space tucked away elsewhere on the estate for up to 14 guests, it is the perfect place to swap marriage vows.

intimate wedding at tree top escape

Guests also come here to take minimoons, celebrate anniversaries or just remind themselves how good it is to hang out in heavenly spaces.

I know all this because the Guest Book is filled with happy couples singing the praises of the treehouse and its staff. The general consensus is that it fulfils every wish, exceeds every expectation and makes marvellously, magical memories on a regular basis. 


Whilst I was there, a friend dropped by and immediately started sending pictures to his daughter, who has just got engaged. If you have ever fancied celebrating a special occasion, escaping the everyday, treating yourself to a taste of the high life amongst the treetops, this is the place for you.  Highly recommended. 

Tree Top Escape is an award-winning, dog-friendly, wedding venue offering a unique setting for weddings, catering for romantic elopements or intimate weddings for up to 14 guests in ‘The Nest’.

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