Alnwick Garden Treehouse – A Celebration of Nonsense by Sarah Beeny

On my travels be them in the moors, hills or cities I can come across some fantastic buildings. When it comes to buildings I am no expert but I knew who is…. Sarah Beeny. Bringing property to the nation on TV shows such as ‘Property Ladder’, ‘Streets Ahead’ and ‘Britain’s Best Home’ amongst many others.

Sarah has also very successfully launched, a market leading private property sales
website which aims to bring a change to the way we buy, sell and let houses. And in 2005 created  the online website, which has been a phenomenal success and changed the attitude to online dating in this country.

I asked her for a view on one of her favourite buildings to visit for recreation or tourism. What a wonderful choice she made with the Alnwick Garden Treehouse, Northumberland and with great words to describe it….

Social Wellness Walks

From the desk of Sarah Beeny

Alnwick Garden Treehouse is the stuff dreams are made of.  From the minute you see it peeping through the trees you can’t help but pick up your pace.  As you get closer the visual delight will reach down inside you and grab hold and shake awake that element of the child in you that hasn’t been beaten out by bills and life’s tedious responsibilities.

Alnwick treehouse beams

The treehouse is a celebration of nonsense and thank goodness that in this age of mediocrity  that there are visionaries that will stop our generation being the ‘age of bland’.

treehouse at Alnwick

Even the way you walk up to the treehouse is engaging – as you cross the walkway you an truly believe you are entering Robin Hood’s lair. The detailing does nothing to spoil the belief that you are utterly transported to another world.  Rope walkways take you around the treetops ending in a restaurant with delicious food.

Alnwick treehouse at night
dining area

My only complaint with Alnwick Treehouse is that it isn’t next door to where I live – if it was I would seriously consider taking up camp there!

All photographs kindly provided by Alnwick Garden

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  1. Matt Houldsworth says:

    We went to Alnwick last year with our 2 year old daughter, she has not stopped talking about it since, the gardens, the water fountains and the tree house, they have got it right on every level.

    We will be visiting again, agree with you that it is nice to see someone do something other than the normal convention

  2. Todra Payne says:

    This is incredible. I didn't realize a tree house could be built to these dimensions. I'd love to visit it some time. Thanks for telling me about it.

  3. Euan Preston says:

    We had our wedding reception here after getting married in the garden. Wonderful place, more than a little reminiscent of the Ewok village.

  4. Anita Nelson says:

    Stunningly beautiful~! I want to live here~!

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