fizzy berry snowball cocktail
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This variation on the snowball cocktail which is usually consumed over the festive period. It is based on the classic retro Snowball Cocktail, which was one of my grandma’s favourites.

The fizz and the cherry comes from the cold berry cider and is sweetened nicely with some golden syrup.

ingredients for fizzy berry snowball recipe

Brief history of the classic Snowball and Advocaat

The basic Snowball was invented in the 1940’s and became popular in the 1970’s. The main ingredients back then were only Advocaat and lemonade which produced quite a sickly drink. It proved quite popular though.

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The base ingredient of the cocktail is a Dutch spirit called Advocaat. It was said to have been enjoyed since the 17th century, firstly by Dutch settlers in the Americas. The Advocaat recipe back then was quite basic, consisting of avocados, sugar and rum.

In the 19th century the updated recipe was enjoyed by lawyers who apparently used it to sooth their throats. The Dutch translation of the word lawyer is advocaat hence where the spirit got its name.

There are many Snowball Cocktail recipes to be found that include ice cream, whisky and even espresso coffee. If the base ingredient is Advocaat, then that is what makes it a Snowball Cocktail.

For this cocktail I would use a Champagne flute glass.

A Fizzy Berry Snowball Cocktail

A Fizzy Berry Snowball Cocktail

Recipe by Cath Hebdon
5 from 4 votes

This variation on the snowball cocktail which is usually consumed over the festive period.

Course: DrinksDifficulty: Easy


Prep time






  • 50 ml 50 Advocaat

  • 1 tsp 1 Golden Syrup

  • 80 ml 80 Chilled Berry flavoured cider (I used Bulmer’s crushed berries and lime)

  • Cocktail cherries to garnish


  • Mix the Advocaat and golden syrup together and pour into the glass
  • Top with chilled cider
  • Add cherry garnish

Give it a try!

Hope everyone has an enjoyable festive season.

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