Mussels: Pearls of Nutrition with Creamy Jersey Milk

Mussels along with cream are a great combination.  On a lovely coach trip around Jersey, sometime ago, I had the pleasure of seeing their wonderful Jersey cows for the first time.  I wanted to include Jersey cream in this recipe.

IMG_E7567 Mussels: Pearls of Nutrition with Creamy Jersey Milk

As mentioned, the inspiration for the recipe derived from my travels to Jersey which I wrote about in my last article, here, entitled:- ‘Jersey – St Brelades Bay, Beach and Bears.’  

From the suburbs of London, off I went in search of Jersey cream at my local supermarkets.  I found ‘Graham’s Gold Smooth Jersey Milk’, cows milk, with cream mixed through the 1 litre bottle.  My search revealed, you can find this brand of milk at most larger supermarkets in the UK and at branches of Whole Foods Market.

I liked the idea of using cream mixed into the milk rather than using whole cream.  Far less richer than full fat cream and gave an overall delicate flavour to the dish.

I decided I would add mussels with the milk along with two vegetables.  I knew the combination of ingredients would result in a colourful starter for two.

Mussels are pearls of nutrition.  They provide quantities of vitamins B-6 and B-12, vitamin A, vitamin C, magnesium and iron.      

A while back, I did an internet search to find out where, exactly, oyster pearls are found in the world.  During the search I was surprised to discover, pearls can also be found inside mussel shells too, a fact I was unaware of.  The natural layering of nacre, mother of pearl, produces the beautiful pearls.


150g cooked mussels

125 ml of Graham’s Gold Smooth Jersey Milk

1 medium sized – red onion (sliced and diced)

1 medium sized – yellow bell pepper (sliced and diced)

1 tsp (level teaspoon) ginger

IMG_E7586 Mussels: Pearls of Nutrition with Creamy Jersey Milk


Place the onion and pepper in a small saucepan and cover with cold water, bring to the boil.  Let simmer for 3 minutes.

Pour the creamy milk into a medium sized saucepan over a low heat setting.  Transfer the onion and pepper into the medium saucepan with the milk. Add the mussels and then the ginger.  Cook for 5 minutes on a low heat setting, while cooking, stir with a wooden spoon from time to time.

Transfer into a serving dish and bring to the dining table.  Place the starter on warmed plates and consume immediately.

Slight heat from the ginger kicks into the back of the throat along with the distinct flavour of the mussels and the delicate creamy flavour of the milk ~ Enjoy!

Tips: – You could add a serving of creamed mashed potatoes and have the mussels for dinner, instead of a starter.

The dish would make a perfect supper upon returning home, late, from the Theatre when you may have had a very early dinner.

The dish pairs well with a cool, crisp glass of Pinot Grigio wine.

If you go on a trip to Jersey you could visit La Mare Wine Estate.

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Written by Ann Marie Daniels

Exploring the world has always been my greatest joy. Love sharing discoveries through words and photographs. Reaching the second tallest peak of Machu Picchu was one of the most exhilarating moments of my life. Exquisite eXceptional Planet Love Our Rare Earth


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  1. Not presently, but it is quite a nice idea to think about making a Mexican themed dish. Using traditional ingredients found in Mexican cuisine. Perhaps tantalising orange, lemon & lime juice, warm red chillies, garlic, fresh herbs & spices. Fish, chicken or aubergine marinated and fried with yellow and red peppers. Served in tacos shells or nachos along with nice cool, refreshing Mojitos .

    I hope both you and your husband enjoyed the Mussels recipe . Thank you so much for commenting. So lovely for me to know the recipe is reaching as far afield as Mexico.

  2. Thank you for this recipe, it’s been a while since I was trying to find an idea to surprise my husband. I love to cook and even more after discovering your site. Do you have some original recipes from Mexico? See you soon

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