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It was a little bit of a surprise to me to find out that Tenerife is one of the best whale watching sites in the world.  However, it is and about a third of all whales and dolphin species can be present in Canarian water.  This includes four resident species – bottled nosed dolphins, Risso dolphins, pilot whales and sperm whales.  There are can also be up to 21 migratory species, including, Northern Right Whales and Blue Whales.



So when our family holiday this summer was booked for Tenerife I had in the back of my mind “I wonder if I could get underwater pictures of whales or dolphins?”.  I wasn’t expecting too much but maybe some half decent photographs of dolphins.  Of course, that might require an underwater camera or a housing for my Canon gear.   The later would have been expensive option for a one off trip with perhaps little chance of getting the right opportunity.  Luckily for me Bald Hiker headquarters has a spare Go Pro I could borrow for the trip. 


I have to say even with the Go Pro I still thought it would be a long shot.  We’d just be normal fee paying tourists of a regular whale watching tour.  I also knew that, quite rightly, the whale watching business in Tenerife is quite tightly regulated and boats must keep their distance from whales and dolphins and you can’t swim with them.  So I wasn’t that confident of a result.


When it came to it, however, the preparation of ensuring I had the right gear at the right time in the right place and a good bit of luck resulted in these shots (clipped from the 4k video footage).  These are bottled nosed dolphins circulating the boat.   Perhaps these shots won’t be wining any wildlife photo awards, but I’m still pleased.  


Next time?  Would be great to see some big whales…. one can only dream…

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