The Charm of The Lambs

A big signal the end of Winter is in sight. The fields all around start to get populated by the newborn lambs already. Little, curious, unsteady on their feet and enlightening the views as the days slowly, but surely, start to get longer and warmer. Even on cold, dull, damp February mornings amongst the showers, the cute little lambs bring a smile to your face and to the journeys out and about.

Lambing season has begun.

IMG_5171-sheep The Charm of The Lambs

IMG_5157-sheep The Charm of The Lambs

It is a time to keep the hounds most definitely on a lead. Not that Monty and Jasmine would ever even bother them, but it is not fair to startle or scare the woolly little fellows or the mothers looking after their new babies.

Sheep, their wonderful defence mechanism of… run! The lanes by home here often get the odd escapee on. We have all been there, driving along the road, the sheep takes flight, but, it just heads off ahead of you not to the side. Well contrary to them being as dumb as many think, they actually instinctively trying to outrun you for a while before darting over an obstacle. Prey hunters tend to go for the throat from the side, so keeping you behind is best bet. Plus they have 360 vision, so they can see behind them without even turning their head.

IMG_5167-sheep The Charm of The Lambs

IMG_5162-sheep The Charm of The Lambs

The lambs, always close to their mothers and close to the flock… Safety in numbers. And those numbers throughout the Spring start to multiply and multiply. The green fields littered with little, charming, bundles of joy and of course either side of the pathways we walk through the countryside.

IMG_5156-sheep The Charm of The Lambs

IMG_5140-sheep The Charm of The Lambs

Written by Cindy Vriend

Graphic designer and illustrator with a great passion for photography. Founder of JustC Creative Design Studio.


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  1. After this long, hard winter in all parts of the world any hint of Spring is welcome! Gorgeous photos – I love the way you capture the expressions of the lambs.

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