It was time to land in Dublin. An absolutely fantastic city, many will agree, and the capital of Ireland. Sights, pubs, history and wonderful happy people. Time for a merry time, but first job was to check out the place we were staying, Generator Hostel Dublin. Yes, what a week it was. Exactly a week previous we had landed in Copenhagen for the first of this flying trip around Europe stopping at all the Generator Hostels also via Hamburg, Berlin, Venice, Barcelona then here at Dublin. Can I say a big thank you for following along, it has been a joy to see you all. Ok, the next couple of posts will deal with the vicinity and what we got up to and saw during the day in Dublin…. but let’s take a look inside.

P9220004_generator_dublin A merry stay at Generator Hostel Dublin

P9220002_generator_dublin A merry stay at Generator Hostel Dublin

It was definitely the fresh design of the Generator Hostel chain that greeted. Actually as we travelled between them all it was one of those things we wondered about on the transits. ‘What creative decor will we see at the next’? As always, not disappointed. A big wide open space greets upon entry. The big G was on display as ever, if you have noticed in the posts previous at the other cities, each hostel as its own unique and well fitting Big G! We arrived at the weekend of the Irish Football final weekend and Dublin were in it themselves, as you can imagine, the merriness had started already at happy hour. A great vibe was flowing along with all the great atmosphere the design brought. Time for Guinness, a proper one of course.

DSC_1486_generator_dublin A merry stay at Generator Hostel Dublin

DSC_1487_generator_dublin A merry stay at Generator Hostel Dublin

Check in was the same breeze as always with naturally happy staff.. Where do they find these staff? We had 24 hours in Dublin so best get the bags dropped off in the room and get back to exploring and enjoying. All the way the murals and paintwork stops you in your tracks.. So much thought and effort had gone into the decor, appealing to all ages, this really is not ‘just’ a place for the young backpacker or a hen night group etc, it was a place for all whom wish to discover Dublin from. When they say it is much more than a traditional hostel, then I am inclined to very much agree, it is so much more.

P9220019_generator_dublin A merry stay at Generator Hostel Dublin

P9220015_generator_dublin A merry stay at Generator Hostel Dublin

DSC_1494_generator_dublin A merry stay at Generator Hostel Dublin

P9220001_generator_dublin A merry stay at Generator Hostel Dublin

One thing about the Dublin Hostel I found to absolutely fantastic was the food option in the evening. I found it not just a list and pick and choose, but a real hands on approach from the chef to get exactly the tasty dish I wanted. (He didn’t know I was a blogger by the way haha). No honestly I find this a common trait in the Irish, majority happy and looking to help others be happy 🙂 It was time to venture out into the vicinity within the city and of course will show you some highlights through the next posts.. Was a good start, and bring me back to the main image above of the bar lights..  the hostel is right next door to the Jameson Whiskey distillery. Cheers! 😀

P9220028_generator_dublin A merry stay at Generator Hostel Dublin

P9220027_generator_dublin A merry stay at Generator Hostel Dublin

P9220033_generator_dublin A merry stay at Generator Hostel Dublin