Venice: Looking out from Giudecca

In the last post we didn’t venture far to get some amazing views with the sunset on Giudecca. It was time for a day of exploring and wandering this little Venetian isle. In a separate post next you will see some of the quiet, fascinating and quirky street views and buildings here but away from the sunset today I wanted to show some of the super daytime views across to the main Island of Venice as well as along the main port street that stretches along the north side of Giudecca.

P9190214_venice_views Venice: Looking out from Giudecca

P9190102_venice_views Venice: Looking out from Giudecca

The Generator Hostel we were staying in here was wonderfully situated as we say. Out in front across the water was the main island, left and right you had the main port street, the northern side. You could walk in any direction and on one side you have an array of colours with the buildings and just to your other side you have the water lapping the kerb so to speak.

P9190143_venice_views Venice: Looking out from Giudecca

Relaxed stroll was the order of the day.. No need to take on a busy great slog of a walk here. Simply enjoy the views as you walk. A different kind of Venice is on show over here across the water from the packed madness. Above you can see it is a lot more open than a lot of Venetian areas and for culture you get a lot more working class residential areas.. One thing that really got me was the fact that everyone who lived on the island seemed to have a dog! There was always a local in sight with a small dog in tow. I never saw one blade of grass on the island too but crucially I never saw any signs whatsoever that a dog had done its business anywhere! The whole front was sparkling clean.

P9190172_venice_views Venice: Looking out from Giudecca

Of course with a gentle stroll comes gentle refreshments. Not being overly touristic, which is great, there are the odd group of little shops every now and then.. But of  course the odd coffee stop or wine stop too 🙂

P9190059_venice_views Venice: Looking out from Giudecca

P9190257_venice_views Venice: Looking out from Giudecca

Sitting, drink in hand, sun beaming down, looking across to Venice. Can’t be a bad day can it? It actually wet my appetite to come explore here more again in future, lots more. So much over there to see isn’t there?

P9190088_venice_views Venice: Looking out from Giudecca

P9190267_venice_views Venice: Looking out from Giudecca

P9190068_venice_views Venice: Looking out from Giudecca

Then, in come the lazy explorers 😉 The cruise holiday type. Eyebrows raise as you wonder how a huge cruise ship could pass between Giudecca and the main island over there. During the couple of days here I realised it was quite common. Seems those cruising the Med get towed around to get their tour of venice.

P9190109_venice_views Venice: Looking out from Giudecca

Anyway… back to the wine and the next post we will be featuring some streetscenes, canalscenes and buildings from further within.

DSC_1293_venice_views Venice: Looking out from Giudecca

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A Venice sunset on the Island of Giudecca

Street scenes of Giudecca, Venice