Taking A Closer Look – The Magic of Macro Photography 1

Looking through a macro lens allows you to see the details you missed. This chocolate candy takes on a whole new appearance. It was just a chocolate disc covered in tiny candies, a crunchy treat: now, it is an interesting subject that shows depth and character.

The macro lens makes you escape into the world of details.

You may see things you never noticed, like the reflection of something else.

Taking a closer look - the magic of macro photography

Being able to get up close to your subject and allow the camera to capture things is the biggest benefit of a macro lens. You not only see the tiny subject, you see the details beyond what your naked eye sees upon its initial glimpse.

Taking a closer look - the magic of macro photography

The beauty of the Mourning Cloak Butterfly as it pitches on a branch for a rest is captured. The photographer can see the fine hair blowing in the wind as the shutter clicks each capture. A moment in time is frozen for all to see.

Taking a closer look - the magic of macro photography

The yellow powdered pollen becomes a decoration on a honey bee’s hairs.

Taking a closer look - the magic of macro photography

The petals of the delicate Lungwort flowers are now the focal point as they have become giants on the screen.

Taking a closer look - the magic of macro photography

Macro photography, allow you to play with everyday items in a way that brings you back to exploring and appreciating the simple things around you

You can take the full image as is:

Taking a closer look - the magic of macro photography

Or explore each pixel to see what hides within.

Taking a closer look - the magic of macro photography

I spend my days looking at the details to see if there are any treasures hidden in plain view.

I become a child as I explore my surroundings and sometimes forget where I am.

I hope you enjoy my macro point of view.

I tend to escape there every day.

Taking a closer look - the magic of macro photography

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  1. Theresa P says:

    Tina, love these macros shots!!! Keep shooting.

  2. I am not a huge photography fanatic but I must say that when I happened across your blog, the candy bar stood out so I figured I’d look further. The reflections in those tiny droplets incredible, but I got to the photo of the honeybee covered in pollen and I suddenly remembered that awe and wonder that we experience as children that just disappears the older we grow. The honeybee reminded me of how I used to think “Wow, I bet I look like a giant to these ants on the ground” or “I bet my weight is no more taxing on this huge tree branch than any other bird that lands here.”

    The point is I think that it is the loss of that perspective and imagination that brings us down a little bit. The inspiration you have given me is enough but I do have a favor to ask. Can you give the next bumbling amateur photographer a suggestion on a good camera to start with?

    1. Tina Dean says:

      Thank you, Phillip, for that comment. Macro photography allows you to look at the simple things with awe and wonder. I am so glad that my post has sparked an interest for you. There are several point and shoot cameras with macro capabilities. I have a point and shoot that has the LED Super Macro setting. Although it is a good one for “close ups”, it will not give you the finer details that a higher end system will. If you are thinking of starting with an SLR, then you can buy a wide array of macro lens. There is also a much cheaper option of filters. However, again, be careful. Cheap filters will not allow you to capture the details. First, figure out your budget, then I recommend visiting a camera store. The staff there will be able to answer a lot of questions and give you some starter tips as well. Feel free to like my Facebook page. I use that to post some interesting links and tips I find about photography.

  3. Mani miranda says:

    Congrats Tina!!, i love The macro Photography , i love insects and flowers

  4. Your photos are fantastic! I have a macro lens that I haven’t tried out yet – I think I’ll try it today! What fun!

    1. Tina Dean says:

      Thanks Deidre. Once you start taking macro photos, you will be hooked! Enjoy! 🙂

  5. Leila - Mud Mud Marvellous Mud says:

    These are stunning pics! I’d love a posh camera with lots of posh lenses. Just beautiful

    1. Tina Dean says:

      Thanks Leila. I only bought my first SLR in January. I have been shooting macros for years. A lot of the point and shoot cameras have the macro option built-in. Although not as crisp, you can get some really nice shots. Happy Snapping!

  6. Kelley Fewer says:

    Wow! Those shots are GORGEOUS! I’d love to live in your world!

    shine on!

    1. Tina Dean says:

      Thanks Kelley. 🙂

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