Saddleworth – My Home and Playground

saddleworth cloud inversion

If you know me or follow me on Twitter you will know I am not the city type. In fact I am more often than not on a trail or climb somewhere stretching the legs.  Ok, I must admit the thumb gets lots of exercise too as I keep up the twitter addiction en route, sometimes to a disastrously muddy fall – I am a man afterall, you expect me to do 2 things at once effectively? 😉

I am very fortunate to have a ‘local’ training ground where I live and to be able to go up and away onto the majestic Saddleworth Moor within minutes makes my hobby much more fun.

Saddleworth is nestled in the Pennines between Manchester/Oldham and Huddersfield, northern England.  A series of villages make up the area and it has a rich history, especially as part of the Industrial Revolution and the cotton industry.

What is great for me is that there are miles and miles of hills, paths and moorland for many an adventure.  Making it a joy to put the boots on and go.  The video below gives just some insight into why I enjoy a lot of my hiking and training locally in Saddleworth:

Thank you for your time reading this.  You never know I may see you up around these parts one day.. Bring your boots 🙂

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  1. Great photos ! Saddleworth is fantastic, and hiking around there every bit as good as The Lakes with the added bonus of there being far fewer people. How many people from Manchester have no idea what's out there ?

  2. Julie Brown says:

    Thank you for enabling me to vicariously – walk with you…..

  3. Hello from the other side of the Pennines,

    Very nice video to watch and great timing with the transition between the frames. I kept counting along, and got into the swing of it.

    Are all your photos taken with a camera phone? Some lovely shots there.

    Best wishes,

  4. fantastic blog for saddleworth its a beautiful place and a joy to live in we are so lucky..!!!!

  5. @ellies58 says:

    Beautiful! How fortunate you are Paul! :))

  6. Andjelija says:

    Aah! Home sweet home. Thanks for the memories Paul 😉

  7. Paul, I am so happy you’ve got this site – and I LOVE the Bald Hiker…. but sweetheart, the little grey font in the comments is so freakin’ taxing on my sight… so, like in my childhood, I’ll just look at the pictures 🙂

    Lots of love to you,


  8. Hi Paul.. what a beautiful view.. How lucky you are My friend :-).. I wish i could live in a place like that someday ;-). Thanks for sharing Sir paul !

  9. andyohara52 says:

    nice piece of writing. Flows like the hills. Brought back alot of memories. Thanks for all. Andy

  10. @TLColson says:

    Love the views.
    As a hiker myself, I now have ANOTHER reason on my list to visit England.
    (as if I needed more than… "It’s England")

    Happy Hiking! I’ll be back for more posts.

  11. Kath Eastman says:

    That is quite some playground, Paul. Thanks for sharing the photos and video. It’s not a part of England I know that well at all.

  12. Love the new blog – I’ll be back regularly, and looking forward to sharing a stroll or two in the near future.

    Just one thing bugging me – how did you get the nickname Bald Hiker? I can’t for the life of me figure it out … ;o)

  13. Francis A says:

    I love the beautiful pictures and how lucky are you!! My Hubby and I moved out to the country to give the boys a backyard, a dirt biking course, and land that they could just run in!! Nothing as gorgeous as your backyard but I believe in the importance of the outdoors and the connection with nature!
    We don’t have Mountains in Texas but we make them our vacation!! Thank you for sharing a slice of heaven! Loved it!!

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