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If, like me, you are not much of a fan of the misery months, those cold, dank, dark ones between November and March, then you will completely understand the desire to get away from it all around then. To take a heat filled holiday. Doesn’t really matter where you go, so long as it gets you away from the short, soggy, shivering days of winter.

Must admit, I’d heard of the Costa Del Sol, who hasn’t? It’s pretty much a cliché when it comes to sun, sea and sandy summer holidays. But it never really struck me as an obvious Winter sun destination. But after talking to a friend, decided maybe I had been too quick to judge, to write it off.

Wyndham Grand Costa del Sol safari complex

So my travelling companion and I decided to take the plunge and head off to that part of southern Spain in search of warm, wintery adventures. Very glad we did too.

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Getting There

After a bit of online searching, we found a resort and booked through Wyndham Residences, which took care of board and lodgings, plus transfers to and from their local airport. This meant we were free to sort out our own flights.

Since we were flying from Bristol airport, we chose to go with Jet2 Flights. I’ve flown with them before and reckon they are one of the smiliest, best organised airlines out there. No matter where you go, the staff are always fab, friendly and ready to help. Was simplicity itself to go online and grab some flights on days that suited our plans.

Since we were going out on an early flight, we booked into the airport lounge for an early breakfast. Was definitely worth it. Turned an early morning trek into an early morning treat. 

Airport Lounge breakfast

Malaga Airport

We left Bristol in the dark, with cold rain blowing across our faces as we stepped into the cabin of our plane. After a relaxing two and a half hour flight above the clouds, drenched in sunshine, we found ourselves coming in to land at the warm beating heart of the Costa Del Sol, Malaga airport.

Getting off the plane brought us into a whole new world of joy, filled with sunshine. It was light, bright and with enough marvellous morning sunshine to heat the happiest heart.

view of safari at the Wyndham Grand Costa del Sol

Wyndham Grand

The Wyndham Grand is laid out over a patchwork pocket of rolling hills, settled right next to the coast. With far reaching views of the glittering sea at every turn. There are various styles of accommodation on offer; town houses, apartments, studio flats.

With a selection of restaurants, minimarkets, tennis courts and swimming pools sprinkled throughout. Wandering round, felt like we had entered some kind of upmarket holiday town. A sweet, sunny suburbia by the sea. 


We were staying in a Santa Cruz Signature suite. An enormous, luxurious rooftop apartment. With acres of open plan living space, complete with gigantic surround sound TV, flame effect fire that looked for all the world like another, enormous low level TV, WiFi, cool marble floors and a huge comfy corner, squishy sofa.

Wyndham Grand Costa del Sol living room

Plus a lovable lime green armchair, just right for plotting your next move. Which is it to be, Mr Bond – drinks or nibbles?

The two bedrooms were perfect too. Centre stage in the master bedroom, just beyond the super Kingsized bed with its silky smooth sheets, was a huge bean shaped jacuzzi bath, just begging to be filled with bubbles before enjoying the rest of the ensuite extravaganza.

master bedroom Wyndham residences

If you wanted to self cater, there was a fantastic kitchen just waiting to be explored. But we chose to eat out every single morning, noon and night. After all, no point in DIY cooking if you’re in the perfect place for over the top indulgence, which is exactly what this apartment was designed for. 


As if to prove the point, stepping through the floor length glass doors led out to a sun drenched roof terrace, large enough to land a small helicopter.

sun terrace Wyndham Grand Costa del Sol

With a full size dining table for starlit suppers, plenty of quiet corners, allowing you to choose whether to shadow bath, sit in the sun, or mix it up, doing a bit of both. Beyond all that, raised up on its own little plinth in front of some palm trees, was the deep, blue superstar of the show.

Wyndham Grand Costa del Sol hot tub on terrace

Hot Tub

A modest looking hot tub completed the lineup of decadent delights. Sitting under a sapphire blue sky, as the sun set on another winters day in paradise, all whilst sipping on a nice cold local beer, with warm waters swirling around your shoulders.

hot tub Wyndham Grand Costa del Sol

Sigh. Was a mighty fine way to pass the winter hours away.


From our rooftop balcony, we could peer down at, Safari, a thatched pyramid that housed the local restaurant. We went there every morning for breakfast, ate lunch at their poolside tables in the sunshine and enjoyed the cosy comfort of their evening menu every night.

safari food at Wyndham Grand Costa del Sol

There were other places to eat in the resort, offering a wide range of foods, apparently. But we didn’t get to them. Far too busy making our way through the fine food on offer at Safari to even consider a change.

Every meal time we managed to find something new and tasty to try. My companion has allergies and the staff were flawlessly fantastic with us at every meal. When the staff are so completely superb and the food is so mighty fine. Why go anywhere else?


There are pools aplenty on offer round the resort. We spent hours each day basking in the sunshine around the pools next to Safari. One of them was heated, the others were not. Meaning you could choose your ideal temperature for splashing about.

walkway Wyndham Grand residences


If you are one of those who likes to swim in the sea, or maybe just dip your toes, couldn’t be easier. A coastal road runs past the resort and beneath it are three tiny tunnels leading right onto the beach.

coastal walkway

Meaning you can leave your apartment, take a two minute stroll and find yourself on a glorious and mostly deserted beach, savouring the delights of the sunny seaside, solo. Very nice.

Out and About

Outside the resort is a walkway which takes you over the coastal road, a few hundred metres further on and you are on the edge of the nearest town. 


Fuengirola is a bustling seaside metropolis with a seemingly endless promenade, leading you past miles of golden sands, dotted with picture perfect lifeguard huts on stilts, showers for swimmers and loungers for sunbathers.

Fuengirola beach

Along the way you pass enough cafes, bars and trinket shops to keep even the most dedicated lovers of leisure tapdancing with delight. Definitely a destination worth a trip or two.


If you fancy going further afield, you can always jump in a taxi at reception, take a short ride to the local train station and, for the price of a cup of coffee, take a train right to the centre of Malaga. It’s well worth it.

Malaga cafes street scene

The old town has a busy, comfy, capital feel. With architectural delights and picturesque plazas round every corner. Reminded me at times of Barcelona, at others of London or Lisbon. Main thing is, it’s a great place to be and well worth a visit. 


Reckon this resort would be a winner, no matter what time of year you went. But for us, as a winter warmer, it was just what the doctor ordered. If you want to laze by the pool; reading, writing, snoozing or sipping in the warm sunshine, it fits the bill perfectly.

If you like the idea of fine food on every table, smiley staff who go above and beyond at every opportunity, along with wall to wall good vibes and happiness guaranteed. Well, this could be just the place for you.

sunset at Wyndham Grand Costa del Sol

Almost has the feel of a cruise ship, on dry land, just soaking up the joys of the Costa del Sol. I know it’s a cliché for every travel piece. But in this case it’s absolutely true. I just can’t wait to go back and do it all over again! 


How much does it cost to stay at Wyndham Residences?

Nightly rates at Wyndham Grand Costa del Sol start from £82 for a Junior Deluxe Suite. For more information visit: Wyndham Residences

How much does it cost to fly to Malaga?

flight screen at airport showing flight to malaga

Jet2 offer friendly low fares, great flight times, and a generous 22kg baggage allowance to Malaga, from 11 UK airports, including Bristol. Flights start from £36 per person one way including taxes. Call 0800 408 5599.

How much does it cost to use an airport lounge?

Holiday Extras is the market leader in UK airport parking, hotels, lounges, and transfers. Entry into the Escape Lounge at Bristol Airport is available from £29.69. 
For more information call 0800 316 5678.

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