Wiltshire: traditional village charm of Teffont 1

I arrived in Teffont, a quaint little village nestled in the beautiful Nadder Valley in Wiltshire.  As I drove through slowly, I knew I would have to take some photos before the sun set on this very pretty place.

It was as if the village had been trapped in a past era – a little capsule of a previous age – where the pace of life seemed slower and I was suddenly aware that the sound of cars had been replaced by the burbling of the spring-fed stream that flowed adjacent to the road. On the other side of Teffont Brook – known affectionately as The Teff – was a lengthy hedge that had been carved into various ‘lumps’.  (In my imagination, reminiscent of a sinuous green sea monster reflected in the water…)

Pic 2 Teffont hedge- wiltshire

I followed the fabulous ‘humpy hedge’ until I reached St Michael and All Angels Church, Teffont Evias. Some of the buildings in this village date back to the Fifteenth Century; and Sir Walter Raleigh actually mentioned the church of ‘Tevont Evias’ in his work entitled Discoverie of Guiana published in 1596.

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Pic 3 Teffont Church- wiltshire

Beneath one of the little bridges that crossed the brook I noticed the silhouettes of a mother duck with her duckling…

Pic 4 Teffont ducks- wiltshire

…and then a little further on I spotted the rest of her brood taking shelter in the weeds.

Pic 5 Teffont Ducklings- wiltshire

I headed back to the guest house – noticing little details on the way – like this wonderful house sign in an old apple tree (spot the mouse anyone?!)

Pic 6 Teffont house sign- wiltshire

My room was up in the rafters and I could hear the gentle cooing of collar doves outside on the telephone poles.

Pic 8 Teffont collar doves- wiltshire

As I ate my dinner overlooking the cows grazing in distant fields, I felt very grateful that Britain still has so many wonderful towns and villages that proudly retain their traditional identity and charm.

I would thoroughly recommend Teffont as a lovely place to unwind – a place of tranquillity for travellers and for those who just need to escape the hustle and bustle of urban living for a while.

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