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A beautiful hotel in beautiful surroundings. The Pheasant Hotel is situated in the lovely quiet village of Harome, North Yorkshire, overlooking the idyllic village duck pond and a wonderful place to escape at, unwind and explore the surroundings as well as within.

pheasant hotel in Harome

The North Yorkshire Moors is a gorgeous area to discover and to combine that with some gorgeous accommodation, a glorious dinner and great customer service is quite fantastic to say the least. This picturesque village of Harome is not too far from Helmsley as your gateway to the moors. Plus you are only 40 minutes or so away from the North Yorkshire coast.

Dog Friendly Hotel harome

The Homely Dog Friendly Accommodation

What is more, it is dog friendly which is of course a gem for myself. The hotel main building has 12 luxurious rooms. Outside the main building, by the courtyard are 2 dog friendly (or family sized accommodations). They really have a home from home feel. Beautifully decorated and a lot of attention to detail.

Social Wellness Walks

History surrounds you as the hotel was once upon a time a Blacksmiths shop and barns that have all been perfectly converted to the hotel today.

So much room with kitchen separated, a lovely double bedroom and a second bedroom with bunk beds if you are here as a family.

Bedroom hotel Harome

Log cosy fire, a basket of treats awaiting you as well as a personal welcome note. The free bottle of Sloe Gin by Sloemotion went down a treat too.

The furnishings have a great and natural countryside feel along with the decor. You can tell a lot of thought has been put into it, and also into making you feel at home. All the way through from the spacious living room to the bedroom.

Living room Pheasant Hotel accommodation

The dogs also have a nice treat waiting for them inside. A lovely warm blanket and treats.

dog accessories in the room

Directly outside the room is the gorgeous setting of the courtyard and an outdoor seating area. Imagine a glorious summer evening, sipping a drink, right outside your accommodation with comfortable tables and chairs. Dreamy.

outside seating area of hotel

If you look just to the right of the accommodation in the pic above, you will see a green door. This opens to a tranquil heated swimming pool for guests to enjoy.


I had heard many things about dinner at The Pheasant Hotel in the past, its reputation precedes it. I was so glad I could take the opportunity to enjoy it myself.

restaurant lighting pheasant hotel

Real local and seasonal food. A lot of the ingredients are sourced in their own kitchen garden but anything else is of course sourced locally per the season. I looked at the menu, I was here for Autumn, and was completely spoilt for choice!

Right back starting at the appetizer the taste buds where enlightened. Spiced cauliflower, pickled cucumber, yoghurt and mint. Accompanied by some amazing breads that with the butters went down incredibly well.

bread and butter with the meal

Starter for me was the sixty day aged rump steak tartare. Plated with truffled carrot juice, pickled turnips and potato crisps. My word it was delicious! Every mouthful.

beef dish pheasant hotel

Of course when it came to the mains to choose from, I had dilemmas. Dilemmas because I wanted to try all. Pork Belly was what I went for and to be honest it was one of the best pork belly dishes I have had. It digested perfectly and was served with caramelised endive, sour apple and smoked butter potatoes. I loved the addition of the crackling on top in the presentation.

pork belly on the plate

The lamb dish looked incredible too. Saddle of salt aged lamb, with balsamic yoghurt, minted potatoes and pesto.

saddle of lamb in the hotel

Now then, dessert. I was off keto for the day of course so could try all I wish. I went for the souffle. An incredibly sweet delight and perfectly made. They use their own orchard’s apples and combine the ingredients of cinnamon sugar, brown butter and a knob ice cream on the top. Absolutely gorgeous.

a perfect souffle dessert

Wow, that was a memorable dinner. I shall have to come back again to try other seasonal delights from the menu. A must. For info, you are also able to try a 5 or 7 course tasting menu if you want to enjoy the many tastes of this corner of North Yorkshire combined with a magnificent chef.

Exploring The Outdoors

After an extremely comfortable and unwinding night stay and a glorious dinner in the evening, a new day was upon us. But the evening did not just end at dinner. I took some fresh air afterwards and looked up. The night sky over the duck pond was amazing.

the night sky, Harome, Yorkshire
signage of the Pheasant Hotel

It was going to be a day for exploring the local area on a hike from right out the front door of the hotel and walking the local countryside. Wellies are provided for all who require and who want to enjoy this area on foot, and why should you not? The village of Harome and the land around is gorgeous and peaceful.

wellies for your walks provided

In my next post I will show you the walk we did from out the door and through the village. It was hard to leave the warmth of the room and the warmth of the people both serving and staying here at The Pheasant Hotel. See you again soon.

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  1. Gill Chadbon says:

    I’m the goose girl of Harome. Made me laugh to see my pic at the end of the Pheasant Hotel review. Just caught a walking programme on TV …Malham Cove …is the bals chappie you? It must be.

    1. Paul Steele says:

      Hi Gill, indeed yes it was me on Take A Hike. The bald chappie 🙂

  2. Vivienne patricia sault says:

    All the places and articles are awesome.

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