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Alkkemist Gin is a unique Spanish gin, made in a unique way, with unique ingredients. I realised I myself had slipped into the bad habit lately of picking up generic gins from the store.

Then, my son and daughter bought me a bottle of Alkkemist gin for my birthday and suddenly I knew I was missing that something different.

From new types of botanicals never used before, like muscat grapes, to the restriction of how many times it is distilled in a year and why. This is not a gin to casually use with your average tonic and relish. Let’s take an alkkemist gin reviewreview look and taste.

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By The Light Of The Full Moon

The full moon brings mysterious qualities to many thinkers and people of beliefs. There is a principle in the making and thus marketing of this gin too for sure.

Alkkemist Gin is only distilled at each full moon, harnessing this possible mysterious quality, and thus is only distilled 12 times per year.

alkkemist gin full moon


The distilling is based on a 3 x distilled grain alcohol. As well as using the natural cycle of the moon they still use copper alembics for the distillation. And even then they only use the heart of the distillates for extraction.

The attention to detail is becoming clearer. In fact, I could see a huge attention to detail just by seeing the bottle and presentation.

More attention to detail comes in the use of 21 botanicals and the first gin to use Muscat Grapes, which is added at the end of the distilling process to give a unique flavour and scent. If you drink muscato wines then you already have a sense for it.

alkkemist gin lid

The 21 Botanicals

The botanicals that make up the nose and taste of this gin is very intriguing if you are interested in the mix that makes up a drink. I admit I not often myself go into much detail on this but simply tasting Alkkemist had me searching for more information.

We have already mentioned the Muscat grapes added at the end but the complete 21 that compliment so nicely nicely are:

  • Samphire
  • Sage
  • Verbena
  • Mahon Chamomile
  • Rose Petals
  • Muscat Grapes
  • Balm
  • Rock Tea
  • Sweet Chamomile
  • Thyme
  • Sea Fennel
  • Cilantro
  • Angelica
  • Cardomom
  • Juniper
  • Orange Rind
  • Lemon Rind
  • Mint
  • Penny Royal
  • Cat’s Tail
  • Agrimony

The blend again is an innovation which this gin seems to be trying to accomplish at all levels.

made in spain label

Nose and Taste

Ok, let us get to how the aroma and taste is. Here it gets interesting because I believe this gin is not for your average put in a glass with any old tonic kind of drink. In fact it is a great gin for drinking neat. Not so much of that burning spirit effect and smooth.

On the nose I get the grape and floral aromas, citrus and a hint of sweetness but not too sweet at all.

As I say I do not normally drink gin neat but this one I could. It was very light and soft. You really taste the complexity of the drink and how it is made.

On first tasting I sensed immediately the citrus and grapes, then the creamy soft sweetness with the botanical hints of mint and spice at the end. I think the reason I liked it was that it was sweet yet not too sweet at all and has hints to the nose but never too fragrant at all.

In fact it is strange to say it but Juniper is in there and yet it does not jump out at you. Don’t expect your average London Gin taste you traditionalists. People who love differing gins though will enjoy this.

When I like a drink yet it is hard to describe the complexity of tastes and scent then it has done a good job to me.


Ok, remember this gin has carefully selected botanicals with grapes added at the end. A straight G&T with a lime wedge may not be the same due to not having that lime and juniper effect jump at you. For myself I found the Alkkemist went great as a long drink with slimline tonic.

Having looked into what this drink goes best with the good options are G&T with citrus fruits or fennel or samphire to add to the notes. People rave about using it with a Martini. Best using citrus fruits to garnish than olives. And it is especially noted for use in a Negroni cocktail.

alkkemist gin bottle


Firstly, thank you to my son and daughter for opening my eyes to a new and unique gin.

A gin with much difference and great for a philosophical drink. One to be savoured and enjoyed with friends.


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