The Netherlands, At Sunset and Sunrise

(A favorite dogwalk and wonderful place to calm down – IJsselmeer, Hoorn)

Sunrise and sunset is a beautiful time in the Netherlands. The silence and peace in the morning or the tranquil scenes at the end of the day are my way to escape my busy life.

Here in the Netherlands I love to wake up early and go out for a run or enjoy a relaxing stroll in the evening.

a netherlands sunrise

It’s a perfect way to clear my head, find inspiration or just enjoy a little time for myself. Whether i’m looking out over the fields while i’m running. Or sit down at the water side and enjoy the sound of the waves and the reflection of the sunlight. Nature never fails to amaze me.

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balloon at sunrise in the Netherlands

No sunrise or sunset is ever the same and it always leaves me in awe… I’ve tried to capture a few of those moments to share with you.

windmills at sunset in the netherlands
A favorite walk, love the windmills and fields – Grootschermer

The Netherlands is a very flat country and that helps to create such big skies. Life does not always have to be about hills and mountains to get amazing sunrises and sunsets.

dutch sunset

My beloved country gives some amazing scenes with the sky dazzling with colours. From oranges to blues, from moody clouds to clear skies.

a netherlands sunset at sea

The coast of the Netherlands is a beautiful head clearing place to be. West facing shorelines give to some incredible sunsets over the waves and water.

Another big tip is head to Ameland in the West Frisian Islands. Sand dunes, sunrise, sunset. Beautiful.

red clouds sunset Hoogkarspel

(born and raised here, when i was a kid the old watertower always meant: i’m home – Hoogkarspel)

In the province Groningen of Lauwersoog in the North of the Netherlands there is a great coastal spot that many of those in the know do head for a coastal sunset.

Amsterdam? People don’t think about the capital being the place to catch sunrise and sunsets but the old and new buildings get lit up at dusk and dawn in a beautiful way.

netherlands at dusk

Being a dutch girl myself I love to wander around the gorgeous villages and find places that no tourist would know about.

Next time you are in the country, make time to get up early for the new sun on a new day. Or watch the sun set at the end of a day exploring.

I hope I brought you a few moments to relax from The Netherlands. A country that will always have a special place in my heart, there’s so much more to show you beside our tulip fields and windmills.

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  1. The magnificent colours and the contrast of the buildings and trees. Just beautiful. I love Dutch sunsets especially when winter is approaching when the get even more magical.

  2. Grace @ Green Global Travel says:

    Ah dusk and dawn, my favourite times of the day! Lovely post.

  3. Already sead on Twitter, but I can’t get enough of your photos. Just a big wow! So proud to be a Dutchy!

  4. Barbara kelly says:

    Wow! just stunning!

  5. So beautiful. I was born there.

    1. Cindy Vriend says:

      Thank you so much Astrid! Leuk om te horen dat je daar ook geboren bent! πŸ™‚

  6. Majestic Travel and Trek says:

    A passionate traveler’s ascent into the dream world! Wish, I were there.

  7. Lori Lindsey says:

    Gorgeous! The balloon is my favorite!

  8. Im at a loss for words, truly beautiful…I love your country! xx

  9. Beautiful & Breathtaking, nicely done!

  10. 9freshmangos says:

    Beautiful ! Just right for the last thing to gaze at n enjoy before going to bed. All very best to you n yours. With thanks . . .

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