The Ankerwycke Yew – One of Britain’s Oldest Trees

Standing quietly in a water-meadow on the flood plain of the River Thames, is a very special ancient tree.

This evergreen giant is a survivor – a lone tree that has borne witness to countless generations. It is the oldest known tree on National Trust land. This is the Ankerwycke Yew.

Ankerwycke Yew bottom

Beneath a veil of dark, shaggy needles; is a colossal, colourful trunk. The girth exceeds 9 meters (over 29 ½ feet!) While its exact age is unknown, estimates have placed it between 2000 and 2500 years old.

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Magna Carta

But this iconic yew is significant not just because of its age. Many believe it is the exact location where King John signed the Magna Carta in 1215. The tree would be then the last surviving witness to this historic event.

getting close to Ankerwycke Yew

Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn

Surrounded by myth and legend, it is also widely believed that beneath the boughs of this tree, King Henry VIII began his first liaisons with his future ill-fated wife Anne Boleyn in the 1530’s.

The Ankerwycke Yew close up

Yew Trees

Yew tree wood is unusually colourful – with rich purple and lilac tones. The ancient twists of its wood rings and gnarled, thick bark; add to the tree’s mystique and haunting beauty.

yew tree colours of bark

Yew trees have held spiritual significance through the ages. They were admired and considered lucky by the Celts who made shields and weapons from yew wood – believing the longevity and strength of the yew would be transferred to the warrior.

great british tree sign

In celebration of the Golden Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II in 2002; The Tree Council designated the Ankerwycke Yew one of 50 ‘Great British Trees’ – in recognition of its importance to National Heritage.

The Ankerwycke Yew in full

So if you find yourself hiking off the beaten track in search of a calm and contemplative place; you would be hard-pushed to find a better place than with this tree – an ancient living legend.

You can find this amazing tree near to St Mary’s Priory in Berkshire.

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